Letters from 20 Years in the Future

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To tie in with our recent study of A Wrinkle in Time, I asked the class to write letters to me  from the perspective of 20 years into the future. The following is what they came up with. We have an incredibly talented group of young writers in our class that, if given the right prompt, a little time, and a writing tool (paper and pencil or an iPad), utterly amaze me.

Dear Mr. Colvin,
You said that when I grow up I would do something for the world, now I am a professional software designer for Apple, Inc.

I have graduated from the University of Oregon and got my Master’s Degree, then later went to Virginia Tech to get my Doctor’s degree. I now live in Cupertino, CA, near the Apple head office in a house with my wife. Joshua, a former student of yours also lives close by.
Soon I will go back to Virginia to get my Ph.D. My son is a year and a half years old. I want to get involved with the EGG cap, a cap that when put on can transmit thoughts to the computer. You could type in words, by thinking of them! You could even control a remote-controlled RC helicopter by an EGG cap.
Well, I wanted to thank you for in-class projects including Powerpoints and photography and you going out of your way to let us use the iPads. So today I wanted to recognize you and tell you through a letter.
Thank you,

June 14, 2031
Dear Mr. Colvin,
You may not remember me. My name is Graham and I was in your 4th grade class of 2010-11. These days I’m a professional bassist. I have two sons and live in Welches.

Recently, I bought Paul McCartney’s old Beatle bass on eBay. I probably paid too much, but he was always one of my heroes so I had to try to get it when it came up for auction. About a year ago, I also got Bill Black’s Kay upright bass that he played with Elvis Presley.

I’ve been successful with my music and have made a number of CDs and recorded with many famous musicians. My band is named the Neon Elephants and I own Dinosaur Music with my friend (also your former student) Jack.

I hope that you are still playing music and if you are ever in Welches, please look me up. I live on Abernathy Road, which is off of Welches Road.

I hope that things are good with you.

Best Regards,
P.S. I finally got that iPad 6.

Dear Mr. Colvin,
Do you remember me for reading so much in class? Well if you don’t then you may know me for making the laptop called the Chinger. I hope that you have one because it comes with a special pocket to put it in.
I work for NASA and I’m helping them make rockets that go to light speed. I helped Apple to make the Chinger and they asked if I’d join them and I said yes. Now we are working on a laptop that folds up. Do you think we can do it? I also work for Nintendo because I’m very good with electronics. We are working on a game and I would tell you the name but Nintendo is keeping it a secret!
I live in a mansion with my wife and own a plane. I still live in Portland, OR and have a pilot’s license. Also I have a house in Europe.

Dear Mr. Colvin,
I am now 30 years old. The last time I saw you I was 10 years old. I write this letter to tell you how I am doing. I work at a bakery and make cakes for people. I also enjoy cooking at home. I live in hot states. I have a house in California and a house in Portland to help my mom and dad because they are old, but Portland is not in a hot state.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
Gosh, I almost forgot how to spell your last name. Anyway you probably don’t know who this is but Josh, your fourth grade student. If I’m not mistaken we got together for my Graduation Party. I have got a Master’sDegree and a Doctorate.

I am currently obsessed with animals (mainly reptiles and mammals).
My football days are over, though they were very successful.
I am working with my friend Elias on improving the EGG cap. We moved from Pittsburgh to Cupertino, California. I am going back to Virginia Tech for my Ph.D.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
I am your old fourth grade student at Lewis Elementary and all those math assignments paid off with the job of an engineer.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
As you know from 2010-2011, I am Jack from your 4th grade classroom. My life is going awesome. I graduated from Yale and my company is HUGE! I design computers and I am an expert at technology. My computer is awesome and cheap. It is basically a Mac that can access Windows. It is only $150.


Dear Mr. Colvin
Now I’m 30 years old and I am a teacher. I teach a high school math and a class for social studies too. I teach an 8th grade class at Scappoose High School for 10 years at the high school in Scappoose and I have my dad’s daughter in my class for social studies and math. She is in 8th grade and she lives with my dad and his mom. I live with my sister and my other sister Ashley.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
You probably don’t remember me, but I was in your 4th grade class when you were my teacher. It was the year of 2010-2011. If you don’t remember me my name is Nicole. I am 30 years old now and I know that you are 77 or older. I lived in Vancouver, BC for about 5-6 years. Now I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I am working as a teacher. That’s pretty much my life.

Your former student,

Dear Mr. Colvin,
I am fine. I am a fireman with the Portland Fire Department. I have rescued four people already. I really like saving people and other fireman. I am married to a wonderful girl named Pam. We have a boy who is five years old. His name is John. We are so happy. We live in Oregon.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
I am now 30 years old and own a mansion and a video game company called Kbbl games. It’s a nice life. Our newest game is called the Land of Chocolate. It is about chocolate bunnies taking over Earth and you make your own character to stop them as well as unlocking characters after beating levels which you may use if you want.

I am also a professional piano player and have written a few songs myself.
I am a pro at four square and have started a team for wall ball.
We made a new video game system called the Wiibox 3. It’s half Wii, Xbox360, and Ps3.
From your past student,

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Dear Mr. Colvin,
When I am 30 I’m going to be a store clerk.
I’m going to have a family of four. The first child is two and a half. The second child is a new born baby. My husband Blake is 38. The first child’s is name is Eva. The second child’s name is Kyle.  Blake works in L.A. for a big car company. I’m a store clerk in L.A. The whole family lives in L.A. We have a home next to the beach. So when we go out our back door we are on the beach.

We have a dog; his name is Stitch and he is a boxer. We have a cat and her name is Nicole. We get to go to Hawaii in the summer of 2031. We get to be in a high-tech place. I’m going to take Eva shopping. Then Blake will take Kyle to see a skate show. When we go to Hawaii we are going to have fun and be lazy. We will get some things to bring back to Oregon. But after we go to Hawaii we are going to Tibet. Because I have family that is from Tibet. And I want to learn more about my family’s past and history and people before they were there. We for going to have fun with my family. And I think my family knows we will have fun.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
You might remember me, but if you don’t then it is Alyssa. You were my 4th grade teacher for 2010-2011. I am 30 years old now. Now you might remember me as a professional softball player. I play in lots of tournaments for the OSU Beavers softball team. If you want to come and watch that’s okay with me. With some of my free time I work as a veterinarian at Banfield. There were some dogs and cats that kind of reminded me of your cat and dog.

Now since I have talked about what I do as a living I will tell you where I live. Well, I live…. you may not believe but I still live in Portland, Oregon. Do you still live in Happy Valley? Because then some time we can catch up. Though every spring/summer (sometimes just summer) I travel to California and Hawaii.

So do you want to know about how my family is doing? Well… my family is doing just fine. Although we all get older and older. My Grandma and Papa Mishler (my dad’s mom and dad) are doing okay… they are actually doing really well. All though their dog Ricki has a little cold….. though he will be fine.

Now on my mom’s side of the family my Grandma and Papa Rich are doing good. Their cat Mitsy is still as cute as ever. In general my whole entire family are doing excellent. Finally for me myself well.. I am doing incredible!!!! I have my own dogs and cats. Their names are Spot the basset (because he has a big round spot around his eye) and my other dog’s name is Ellie the boxer. I have twin girls and their names are Brook and Haley. I told Brook and Haley about you and they were wondering if you were still a fourth-grade teacher. Well, are you? Well, got to go now. Hope to see you around.

Your awesomest student,

Dear Mr. Colvin,
I am thirty years old and a construction worker. I make stuff like buildings, bridges and stuff like that. I live in a mansion in LA and get three thousand dollars a week. I made two new bridges called Saint Kyle and Saint Johns Ian. And have my own petting zoo with a cat and a bird. The cat’s name is Coleo, the bird’s name is Jack. Jack speaks English, not bird (well, some bird). I have a wife named Ashley and one baby girl named Cassidy. Well hope you’re still alive.

Your old student,

Dear Mr. Colvin,
I have joined the Nintendos so I’m a member of the group. I finished college and have a Master’s Degree in Tech. I made a cool video game called the World of Wizards. You make your own character and choose your own you pet and explore the magical world to defeat dark magic. Now I’m 29 years old, and I made a family with two boys and a girl. I live in a mansion with 24 smart cars. I made my own virtual world called Roam World. It has fairies as a pet and dragons (please sign up). I made six series of comics books. I teach at a middle school in art class. I know Manga is easy for me so I am teaching my children to draw people.

I lived in Orlando, Florida. Every summer I go to Portland, Oregon to go see Lewis School. I was in movies with my old BFFs from 4th grade Elizabeth S., Halie A., Kellsy, and Della. We go swimming every year in spring.
From your student,

Dear Mr. Colvin,
It’s me! Dillon! I am 30 years old and I am writing to because I miss one of my old teachers. Well, you’re not that old. (Giggle…). So, I am going to tell you how my life has been so far.
I have gotten a job at a French restaurant. I have been “Enployee of the Month” four times. You can come over any time you want. I can get you a coupon for the restaurant that can give you 5 FREE meals.

So… How’s your life been so far? My life is pretty good these days. I have three kids and a loving wife. I still live in Portland, Oregon. Do you still live in Gold Beach? My mom is 62 and my dad is 63. How old are your parents and how old are you now?
Please write.

Dear Mr. Colvin,
It is now 2031 and I am 30 years old. I passed college and got good grades. I’m going to try to get a job to be a mechanic to fix cars and make cars. I want to build my own company called M.S.R. It stands for Mechanic Shopping and Repairing. I want to try to build as many cars as I can. When I’m older I want to make a family with one or two kids and live in L.A in a three-story house. I have one dog that is a boxer named Champ. My wife works in the house and watches the kids. I have to wake up at six A.M. to go to work and get off work at ten P.M.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
Hi, my name is Krishan and I was in your 4th grade class in 2011.    I’m an auto sales person. Thank you for teaching me about area and width. I’m in Harvard now.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
I have become a very successful man. I am a Cryptozoologist! You’re probably wondering what that is. Well, it is the study of monsters and such. I live in a mansion with a Ford Charger and a Mustang in the Montana Rockies. I have caught a picture of Bigfoot. I have gone all around the world looking for monsters. My hobbies are playing football, playing video games, swimming, and last, but not least, hiking.

I have more than 5,000 followers on Facebook. I have my own network. I have a two- story garage and my own Mac store. I also have a Bugatti, Ford Viper, and a hotrod. I love making my own inventions. I have made a flying suit like Iron Man’s. I also like making movies. My best movie is Supernatural E.


Hello Mr. Colvin,
I am Forest from Lewis Elementary. I was in your first class in the school. I have a real good job as a N.C.I.S special agent. I just got a new case on a man who killed one of our best agents. I can’t give a name but I can tell you that he is on the run hiding north of you. My friend Luke was also in your first class at the school. He is a martial arts teacher. I hope I can visit you in the future but that is all.

Oh, I forgot to say I am 30 years old and I have a beautiful wife, two kids, one male, one female. I have a great life here. I will bring them and come to visit you. I also live in Portland. My kids are named Luke and Amy after my good friend Luke and after well I do not know hope I see you tomorrow see you.

Your good student,

Dear Mr.Colvin,
It has been twenty years from exactly 6/8/11 and right now I’m on vacation from my orthodontia business! I am in France as you are reading this. Orthodontia is only my JOB I am also a fashion designer and a professional artist! I make two million a year. I live in Oakland, California in a grand house and I own a small cottage in London, England (actually it’s big). When I say my house is grand I actually mean it’s huge, gigantic, humongous: 5 bed, 3 bath, master T.V room, giant kitchen, basement and attic, oh and on my roof I have a pool. I have a cherry red convertible Mustang. I have a husband and three kids. Two are kids and they are girls, their names are Ivy and Grace. My six-year-old boy is named Charley. I am exactly 30 and a half today.
Your well paid student,
Haley J. Berger

Dear Mr. Colvin,
I have become a very successful chef in New York City! I have a husband and two children named Grace and Quincy. I own a mansion with 75 rooms and I live a pretty good life. I have written a couple of children’s chapter books and I have also became a professional piano player.
Now for more about my career. I am the head chef of a restaurant called La Grand. I have created lots of new dishes. I have even created a new ice cream flavor! I love my job!
Now for more about my social life. Grace is eight years old and likes princesses and unicorns, and whenever I take her shopping, she want everything that she sees! Quincy is 11 years old and likes race cars and video games. He always argues with Grace!
From Your Former Student,

Dear Mr Colvin,
You probably don’t remember me, but my name is Elena. I was in your 4th grade class in 2010-2011. You were my art teacher. We did art. Do you remember my map that we rescued with Elmer’s glue? We also had math and writing.

My best writing assignment was the one about Christmas.

The thing I loved about math was fractions and how you can be funny sometimes.


Dear Mr. Colvin,
You probably don’t remember me but my name is Maia and you were my 4th grade teacher. Now I am 29 you are around 76 years old. Now I am a veterinarian and a mom. I live in a four story house with a husband and two wonderful kids, a girl and a boy, Isabelle and James. I have two dogs, one Australian Shepherd and one Border Collie mixed with Australian Shepherd. I had a great year with you.

Thank you,


About Mr. Colvin

I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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