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Room 24 Rock Stars!

01 Animals are Unique <—–Listen to the song here! (Right-click to download) Rick and Kate came into the room with a surprise delivery today– a box full of CDs–our CDs. The kids were really excited to see the finished product with … Continue reading

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What the Inside of a Light Bulb Looks Like

In science we took apart two burned-out incandescent light bulbs to see what makes them work. This was done very carefully by me (Mr. Colvin) putting the bulb inside a baggie, then wrapping the baggie with an old towel, then … Continue reading

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Class Notes for Nov. 28- Dec. 2

First of all, thanks to all parents who participated in Conferences last week. We had 100% turnout, even in the face of those torrential rains on Tuesday! It was great to make contact with everybody. Please continue to keep in … Continue reading

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Calvin and Hobbes on Parent-Teacher Conferences

I’ve been a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes for years. Even though the comic strip stopped publishing new strips about 15 years ago, many of the topics are timeless, especially Calvin’s thoughts on school, homework, and math.

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How to Practice Times Tables

Are you looking for a little advice on learning and mastering the times tables? Here’s a good resource from Resource Room.

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We Are the 100 Percent!

Thank you to all (and I mean all) parents who attended Parent-Teacher Conferences on Monday and Tuesday! We had 100% attendance. It was great to touch bases with all of the Room 24 parents and get to know a little … Continue reading

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Salmon Links

Here are three good resources to find out more about salmon: Salmon information (opens pdf in new window) Salmon anatomy charts (opens pdf in new window) A Salmon’s Journey (opens web page in new window)

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Sketches of Salmon

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Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .

The students were treated to another art lesson by Collin on Tuesday. The theme of the lesson was “Rain,” as explained in an earlier post. The final results included boots, trees, spider webs with rain/dew on them, streets, lightning, and … Continue reading

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Where All the Salmon Are Strong

Our salmon are thriving. We are very lucky as some classes have lost all theirs. These pictures from this morning clearly show the yolk sac getting smaller and the vein structure in that area, too. The salmon are living off … Continue reading

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