Letters from the Future

I asked my fourth-grade students to write a letter to me, their old teacher,  from the perspective of twenty years in the future. In 2032 they will be 29 or 30 years old and I would be, well, a really old guy (if I’m lucky). The assignment was open ended and the students went in many different directions with it. If their predictions turn out to be true, the world will have some amazing veterinarians, spies, football, lacrosse, and basketball players, Lego designers, makeup artists,  history teachers, forensics experts, construction workers, world travelers, race car drivers, and Lamborghini owners. It has been a joy and a pleasure working with this group of bright and energetic young people and I will miss them. Their energy and enthusiasm for learning has helped keep me young in a manner of speaking. I hope they really do write me a letter in 2032! (More pictures will be added as they are turned in.)   Here’s what they had to say about their future lives: 9/31/32 Dear Mr. Colvin, You might not remember me, but I am your former student Ingrid. I have not seen you in, gosh, 20 years or something. Well, now do you remember me? If not, well, I was the one with the rabbits Momo and Lollipop. I guess you’re wondering what job I have. I’m a vet (kind of obvious, right?). Even though I didn’t want to do the frog dissection, I had to do many other dissections (even rabbits!). Momo and Lolli are long gone. Although I do have a Momo, Jr. and a Lolli, Jr. I also am a 4-H leader and I also have many 1st place ribbons. I also of course kind of own a humane society. I take in any abandoned animals (which I see quite a lot). My family is doing great. My brother is in a jazz band which is very popular. My mom and dad are now retired and are very proud of my brother and I. Of course I have tons of pets and I am married and have a son and a daughter named Sammy and Miho. I now live in New York City. I am sure you remember the tragic news about the Arctic melting. Very sad. But I have good news too. I found two baby polar bear cubs (one female and the other male). I am now raising them at the zoo and trying to find a new habitat for them. What do I do with my spare time? Well, I finally got over being super quiet and every once in a while I do acting and I’m very good at it. If you still wonder about my vet service give me a call at 555-love-pets. My vet is called Loving Care Animal Society. Learn more at http://www.lovingcare.org. Mr. Colvin, I miss you a lot and hope you can stop by sometime or give me a call and tell me how you’re doing. Hope to see you soon. Sincerely, Ingrid P.S. I finally got one of those new flying rabbits (a chicken/rabbit)! 5-22-32 Hi Mr. Colvin, At the moment I’m 30 and have a house of my own along the coast of California. I have a good quiet life with no kids and wife, a dog, and my macaw I bought 10 years ago with my money I saved from all of my childhood. I work as a vet for dogs, cats, and exotic animals. I convinced my boss to let me bring my parrot to work so he won’t get lonely. After a long day of caring for all the animals I like to work on my side job, which is building Lego Technic cars (I like making sports cars the most). After that it’s about 7:00 pm., at which time I make dinner in my custom kitchen. After dinner I give my dog a walk, then interact with him a little bit more with my parrot. I have long but happy days and with all the new technology life is a lot easier than it was 20 years ago. Even with my old fashioned iPhone 4 I still get a lot of calls about animals. This is what I do daily. Now that I told you what happening with me, now I can tell you what’s happening around me. First of all food has risen in price dramatically. And I know what I’m talking about. Such as a candy bar is $20.00! The Lego company expanded so big about every city in the world has an official Lego store. Now the cheapest car (which is a hover car) is 1 million dollars! Of course jobs pay a lot more since all these rising every day products. Right now I can tell you I make about 1 grand a day. Twenty years back that was about 200 dollars! But still I do have a good job right now since I’m a doctor. My life is good and I hope yours is too. Sincerely, Dr. Ben 5/22/32 Dear Mr. Colvin, It’s me Zach, you may not remember me, but I was in your fourth grade class in 2011 to 2012. I am currently living in a house in San Francisco with my wife. I am a pro boxer, because, as you may remember, Muhammad Ali was my hero. I recently spent $25,000 on a Porsche Spider 918. I am working in the S.F.P.D. My dad, mom and the rest of my family are all doing great. I got a dog and named him Dots because he is a black lab, but he has three spots on his back. Me and my dad are working on fixing up an old Mazda MX 5 for my mom. Next week is her sixty-third birthday. I was wondering if you were still teaching. I can still see you trying to get the multiplication facts through my skull. I finally, after twenty years, got them down. I can also remember the field trip to Lelooska Village where we went to see the storytelling and all the cool masks as the smoke burned our eyes. The iPad 12 is great because you can download YouTube in 3D and HD. I got the book you wrote (Got To Go Now) at Powell’s Books. For that book you are practically famous. Well, I have to sign off now, but give me a call ASAP. Sincerely, Zach P.S This is my cell number (555) 642-9154. May 22, 2032 Dear Mr. Colvin, I don’t think you remember me, but I was in your class of 2011-12! I still live in Portland, OR. I grew up to be a teacher just like you! Except that I teach world history and you teach 4th grade. I’m 30 years old. If you want to know about my little sister well she is not little anymore. She works as a zookeeper. My husband’s name is Jack. His Cambodian name is muy (moo-y). I have two kids, one boy and one girl. The girl is named Jessie and the boy is named Luke. Luke is the oldest and he is 9 and Jessie is 2. My mom and dad are doing great. I went to visit my uncle, aunt, and cousins in Cambodia. I also visited my family in Vietnam that is from my dad side. I also traveled to three other countries. The first one is Romania, the second one is Korea, and the third one is Egypt. I have pet fish. Sadly, one of them died because Luke killed it to make sushi, but guess what? He failed making sushi. So he was grounded for a week. Oh, I almost forgot! My husband works with your former student named Anna. They both work as international U.S. spies. Right now they are both in Hawaii. Luke told me that when he grows up he wants to be like his father and Jessie, let’s see, she has been picking clothes for me so I think she might want to be a clothes designer. On Thanksgiving, I invited my old friends over like Anna, Lillian, Katherine, Emma, and Ingrid. My husband invited some of his friends over too. Of course I invited my parents and parents-in-law. My life is great and I hope yours is too and I hope you had a successful life! Sincerely, your former student, Thidapech Dear Mr. Colvin, Now I play basketball with the Portland Trail Blazers. We won the champion once. I have two houses; one is here in Portland, OR and the second house is in Phoenix, AZ. So when the basketball season starts I go to Portland to play with the Portland Trail Blazers and when is summer I go to Phoenix for rest. Sincerely, Dylan 6/5/32 Dear Mr. Colvin, This is Hannah, I was one of your former students. I have fulfilled my life at 30. After I graduated from Oregon University I soon then got a job as a veterinarian and I have a part time job at the Humane Society. I live with my husband and in a country style home still in Portland, OR where I grew up. I’m very glad for a thirty year old. My parents are still alive. Most things have changed since I was smaller. But I forgot to mention my job pays well, I’m most very thankful. The thing that MOST annoys me is taxes and the economy, (the economy still SUCKS!). The economy sucks because in 2015 my parents got laid off from their jobs. My family could barely afford anything, and after I got my scholarship from college I split it towards my family. It then worked out OK because my parents both applied for a job as a nurse and doctor at separate hospitals. Now about my job. How I started and how I met my husband. On February 2nd, 2029 I was getting an early gift for my sister’s 24th birthday at JC Penney’s. I was ready to check out, then this man kept bumping into me. I turned around but I noticed that he was my old friend from 10th grade. Joseph Brett was four grades ahead and I knew him since kindergarten because he was my friend’s reading buddy. She was lucky, because at the time I wanted him as a buddy when I was 5 or 6 years old. After then I needed to get a job. I applied to some but there were not many choices, I soon found the perfect one: a veterinarian! Any way they needed employees, I signed up immediately and got the job. Well, there you have how I grew up and where I live. Yours gratefully, Hannah Dear Mr. Colvin, You may remember me from cleaning out the school of forensics books. Well, that really paid off. I knew so much about forensics and was so smart that they hired me before I was half way done with my interview! Anyway, I solved a couple more cases and I think you know that I can’t tell you much about them, but one was pretty disgusting. Well, anyway, I live on the coast of California in an EcoHome with my pet Boston terrier, hamster, and boa constrictor. The Boston terrier is named Henry, after the one I had as a kid, the hamster is named Ewok, and the boa constrictor is named Vermin Fate. I keep Vermin Fate in the garage by my lime green hover Corvette where it guards it against all people except me, so I wouldn’t try to steal it if I were you. I have butler and maid service which is really nice and I’m a Googleinaire so it is a fine price. Oops, I’m gonna be late for jet skiing, so I gotta go now. Sincerely, Lucas Dear Mr. Colvin, I’m delighted to talk to you again. How are you, not to mean I’m doing bad myself. I’m living it up in Missouri. Did you know I got a doctorate from Reed College? I was a teacher for three years, but now I’m a vet and I have 300 cats, 3 goats, 1 horse, and acres of land. I have four girls. Their names are Raya, Fey, Katness, and Sammy. Raya has black hair. Fey has red hair. Katness has brown hair and Sammy has blond hair. Raya and Katness are always getting into scrapes, while Fey and Sammy are playing peacefully (or so I think). In the meanwhile Sammy’s begging for another iPad. Well, the new stuff in the world is the iPad 20s, more global warming, wars ending, and glasses that let you go back in time. Sincerely, Hailey 5/22/32 Dear Mr. Colvin, You might not remember, but  it’s me, Robbie, one of your favorite students. I play for the Green Bay Packers. I am the quarterback. We have won nine games in a row. I chose that team because there one of my favorite football teams. I’ve gone to Disneyland nine times with my two kids. One’s a boy, the other is a girl. Their names are Chris and Anna and we live in L.A. We love it there. We live in a big mansion. We have helicopter and a jet. We are living the life. We live by the beach and we go down there a lot. Thanks for all the PE games because it helped me a lot in football. We have five cars, a Mustang and a Charger and two Lamborghinis and a limousine. Sincerely, Robbie 5/22/32 Dear Mr. Colvin, I am rich because I won the Megamillion Lottery. It was so HARD. I have a cool job. I’m a professional race car driver. It is very hard and I won 60 billion dollars by a very, very, very hard race. My wife and I are living in a mansion and I have 5 kids. Three of them are girls, the other two are boys and I have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 billion dollars. It is fun being rich. Guess what? I still live in Portland, Oregon. Do you? I travel the world all the time because it is so fun and I’m in China right now! Something that is sad is that Mt. Hood got destroyed. I was so sad. I’m one of your best friends and I miss you. You were the best teacher EVER! I will never forget you, oh, and I was your best student and I will miss you SO MUCH! Come visit me at my house in Happy Valley. Guess what? I got more money from my boss. Now I have $800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. I have the fastest car in the world! I will visit you very soon. I have googolplex dollars and I will leave you 1 million ASAP. See you soon. Your best student ever, T.J. 5-22-32 Dear Mr. Colvin, You might remember me that I was in your fourth grade class from 2011- 2012 and my name is David. I have graduated from the University of Oregon and now I am a lab doctor. In 2031 I won the mega googol 5 times and I used it on the 3 mansions. One of my mansions is in Portland, the other one is in California. The third one is in Los Angeles. I also have 5 Lamborghinis, a Mustang, a limo, and a Corvette. For air transportation I have 2 pirate jets, a helicopter, and I also own the U.S military and sometimes I sold ships to my friends Clifford, Robbie, Chris, J’Son, and Anna. Sincerely, David Dear Mr. Colvin, You may not remember me but I’m one of your old 4th grade students! I’m Molly, the little girl who twisted pencils in her hair and wrote a lot in my morning work journal. Lots of things have changed since I was your student, for example, I live in California with two kids, Jill and Scott! This Friday I’m going to Hawaii to visit my friend Joe! Now I work as a secretary at a college. It’s going well! I’m glad I took college! Now I’ve got a family, a job, and a home. My life is going well. Not only have I changed, but the world has changed with new inventions, new people, and new thoughts. When I look back at when I was in the little chair at my desk that’s way to small for me now I think about how my life has changed from then. Sincerely, Molly P.S. hope I see you around! 5/22/32 Dear Paul Colvin, sorry Mr. Colvin, As you SHOULD know my name is J’son. Does it ring a bell? I wanted to be a general in the army but it did not happen. So I became a cop, thanks to you and some other teachers. I arrested someone and I got shot. So I quit the job before I died. Now I am 30 years old. I moved to Mexico with Chris and I did not understand the language there, so I moved to Portland. Now I am learning how to play NFL football, but it is a little hard. I am on the Green Bay Packers team. My team is good because we have a bulldozer named Robbie. My dad and mom are in Alaska. My wife’s name is Abby and we have two kids: Gabriel and Skyler. Gabriel is 2 years old and Skyler is 3 years old. Skyler is running around the house screaming all the time. Gabriel just sits in me and Abby’s room pressing buttons on the remote. David is at the military place doing something. We live in a mansion that cost us $12,000,00,000 and I still have $34,000. I have some cars, planes, and jets: a Mustang, a Corvette, a limo, a military plane, a private jet, and a gold tank. David, my friend, gave me the private jet and the military plane. Sincerely, J’Son 5-22-32 Dear Mr. Colvin, You might not remember me, but I was your fourth grade student. Well, I don’t live in Portland anymore because it’s too cold. So I went to Mexico to live. And now I graduated and I’m rich and I have a expensive house. The weather here is very hot. I work as a doctor and for part time I work for the FBI. I got the phone I have been waiting for it’s the iPhone 8. And I also have a iPad 4. I have 5 Lamborghinis, 2 Mustangs, a limo, 3 helicopters, 4 private jets and 3 airplanes. And I also have my own house in California, Portland, Hawaii, and in Las Vegas. I am also a great soccer player. My team that I am on, is Mexico. My next game is in California and I’m going in my limo. My wife and kids are coming. I hope your family is having a great time. Sincerely, Chris 5/22/32 Dear Mr. Colvin, You might not remember me from fourth grade, but I’m Skyler and I graduated from the University of Oregon majoring in electricity. Now I’m a professional lacrosse player and I play for the Lumberjax. I make stacks of money every day. You might have seen me play some. I still live in Portland, Oregon and am living in a really nice house with a wife named Mary and two kids, a boy and a girl. The girl is named Anna and the boy is named Chris. Do you know what? Gym from fourth grade really helped me exercise for lacrosse. I am a goalie and we had a shut out, 14-0. If you don’t know a shut out is it’s when they have zero and you have some points. Well, I finally have the iPad 16 and I have 2 Lamborghinis. One for me and one for my wife. I also have a private helicopter and private plane. Hope you and your family are doing well. Sincerely, Your former student Skyler Dear Mr. Colvin, You might not remember me, but I was in your fourth grade class room. My name is Katherine and I am 30 years old. I have a big house and I live with my family. I don’t have any kids yet. I am a teacher of fourth grade. And I also take care of pets. I have two puppies and one kitten. Sincerely, Katherine Dear Mr. Colvin, I hope you haven’t forgotten me. You might have forgotten me, but I still remember you. I have a very good life and there’s still much to learn in life. I live three blocks from Ingrid and we still visit each other. I’m also very sad that most of the tigers have been forced into extinction. I have a husband and three pets; one is a bird, and two cats. And yes, Ingrid is still my best friend. We visit each other sometimes. My job is very successful. I am a makeup artist and I love working there. Sometimes I even see some of my old classmates like Anna for when she needs to go to work. I do her makeup and hair. Sincerely, Your former student Maggie Dear Mr. Colvin, You might remember me or not. My name is Lillian, your old, but now older 4th grade student. Mr Colvin, I’m 30 now. I am now an Olympic swimmer. If you still watch TV then you should watch me swim. Now my guess is that you are 78 years old now. Oh, how time flies. It seems it was just yesterday I just came to your class ready to learn. Can you believe the new technology? It wasn’t so long ago the iPad was invented. Now the floating iPad is invented. I also have three other jobs: writer, artist, and mother. I also have a loving husband. Thank you for being a lovely teacher. I still hang out with my friends Maggie, Ingrid, Lucy, Anna, and Thidapech. I live in Colorado now, but I visit Oregon once in a while. I work with Anna. I help her with her second job as an artist/architect. I have so much money I own two houses. The one I’m talking about is a rental house. I pay her. The reason why I have two houses is because I travel so much because I’m a Olympic swimmer. 1, 2, 3 cheers for me! Thank you so much for being a great teacher Sincerely, Lillian Dear Mr. Colvin, It’s been 20 years from being in your fourth grade class. By the way I’m Gabriel. I liked to play football in high school but never went on a real team. I work on construction for living and building houses like the house I live in now. I have no wife or kids and live in a medium sized house with a really big back yard out in the country. One time I found a group of deer in the yard. I like to go around the world and look at the animals, so one day I went on a safari to Africa and saw so many animals like the gazelles, zebras, buffalo, and of course, lions. And the pollution has gotten better because they have made a machine that cleans the the water. So that’s my life. What’s yours like? Sincerely, Gabriel 5-23-12 Dear Mr. Colvin You might not remember me, but I’m Emma, the girl in your class of 2011-12? Well since I cleared things up, let’s get to business. I went to Oregon State and am now I am an inventor. I live in Rio, and recently invented the World’s Best Donut. I’m now married and have three kids, Sara, Samantha, and Bob. Having that many kids, my husband and I bought a mansion. I also recently bought a hovercraft that I invented. I can’t ride it now because I broke my leg on it. Sometimes I don’t like my inventions. I met up with Chris, and we took a ride in one of his 4 private jets. The jet exploded, so we went sky-diving. Everyone came to the shoreline to see if we were ok. Everyone was ok until the jet fell. But that was only a little splash, pretty much nothing. It turns out that we were very injured, so weee-you-weee-you, all the way to the hospital. We both stayed at the hospital for about a week. I came home, and was happy to be back with my family. I was also very happy because I was on the news. After a little while, my husband and three kids went on a road trip. It took a long time to get there, because my husband wouldn’t stop for directions. You know, men. Well I’m living it up in a mansion with my husband and three kids. I got the iPad 23, a helicopter, 2 private jets, a private plane, and can really get what I want. Hope I hear back from you. Sincerely, Emma 5/22/2032 Dear Mr. Colvin, I am an ornithologist and I discovered a new species of owl, and instead of eating small mammals, it eats leprechauns! I found out because I caught one and fed it leprechauns and small mice and it only ate the leprechauns. I have my own farm and have over 500 species of birds on the farm. I live in the country with my family, 5 dogs, and 2 cats. Plus I fish. I’m 29 years old and have no kids. Sincerely, Avery P.S. If you see any leprechauns bring them to my house. CONFIDENTIAL: Hello Mr. Colvin, I am Anna, one of your former students. You may know me as Reece Alexander Griffen. I am an international spy for the U.S. army and an artist. There are a lot of wars going on. I am spying for a very small, but important one. A lot of the time I need to blend in with my surroundings so I need a lot of make up and clothes and the person who helps with that is Maggie. One time I was on an important mission and needed to go to Asia. She got me supplies so I could watch the people without them knowing. I now live in California but have a house in Los Angeles with a loving husband who is very supportive of my job. His name is Keith. I also have two wonderful kids, a boy and a girl. The girl is named Connie at the age of four, the boy is Jonsie at the age of 15. Connie is the artist and Jonsie wants to take over my job when he grows up. During the summer I went to Hawaii and got this awesome kit for spies that the General told me to get while I was there. It was a grapple machine. During that mission I had to work with Thidapech’s husband, Jack. David, you remember him, right? Well, I buy all of my transportation machines from him. Just this week I bought a Ferrari from him! Zach tells me what missions to do. He is a millionaire and a pro boxer. The last time he won was about a month ago. Lillian helps me with my second job of being an artist/architect. She pays me every month because I am her landlord, so she pays me her rent! Sincerely, Anna May 30, 2012 Dear Mr. Colvin, Remember me, the math wiz in class? Soon I will be building a full-size Lego house with my friends and be famous. I work for Lego designing sets like the the moon surface with the space station on it. And my two sons play capture the flag in the biggest house and yard. The games take about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but they are very good to watch. I bought a jet, submarine, and the U.S.S. Constitution for 55 grand, the jet was 35 grand and same with the jet from David. I live in California and in a machine. I have 8 dogs 3 cats and 26 fish and a moat with man eating piranhas. And I have $10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. My car is a regular car, but instead of the body it is a pod that if it goes upside down, I will still be right side up. Sincerely, Clifford Hi Mr. Colvin, I hope you remember me, Xavier. No, you have to remember me. Now I have a wife and a son. My son’s name is Shawn, my wife is named Chloe. We live in a mansion. We have a butler named Bill. I have a helicopter too. My son is playing baseball and he is eight. My wife is a cop. I live in L.A. I am neighbors with Robbie and I own a beach. I heard that Lewis got the iPad 16, is it true? I hope you are doing fine. Sincerely, Xavier


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I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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