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Class Notes for Nov. 26-30

This video is just for fun. We are studying bones and who else but Bill Nye would come up with a catchy tune about just that? With apologies to Steppenwolf. Thanks to all Room 24 parents who helped make conference … Continue reading

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Math Vocabulary

Several parents have asked about getting information on vocabulary we are using in math. This pdf covers most of the words we will be using this year. WebPage.pdf

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Salmon Update, Field Trip Announcement, and Pursuing the Past information

All in all, our salmon our doing well. We have lost a few, but that is to be expected. The video above was taken with my iPad on Tuesday of this week and shows their stage of development quite clearly. … Continue reading

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Classroom Notes for Nov. 13-16

Two four-day weeks in a row! Then a week off for the kids while parents and I meet for conferences and later that week, eat lots of good food. So much to do and so little time to do it … Continue reading

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Happy Veterans Day 2012

This is more of a personal post than usual, but there is a connection to Room 24 in it. When we get back to school on Tuesday, we will spend a few minutes talking about why Veterans Day is celebrated. … Continue reading

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Fish, Dams, and Electricity Interconnected at Bonneville

Our trip to Bonneville on Wednesday went very smoothly and was a great learning experience for everybody. The class came back with a better understanding of why Bonneville Dam exists and the benefits it provides, as well as an appreciation … Continue reading

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Ivan Author Katherine Applegate Answers Questions, Including One From Room 24!

Author Katherine Applegate recently put together a video answering questions from students around the country about her book, The One and Only Ivan. We were lucky enough to have our very own Makena chosen from the hundreds of other entries. … Continue reading

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