Lelooska Cultural Center

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The show must go on!

That was the theme on Tuesday of this week when the class went to the Lelooska Cultural Center in Ariel, Washington without me. My regular sub, Charlie Monroe filled in while I was in meetings with my Right Brain Initiative friends in downtown Portland. When the class got in this morning for the late opening, we all opened up Chromebooks and got to writing about the field trip. Several of the pieces are shorter than they were originally because Edmodo (our blogging platform) somehow deleted what several students had written and they had to start all over again.

The dirt on the floor was as cold as ice. I smelled the smoke and the wind made it cold. I could feel the wind on my hands it felt like a spirit was touching me. I was seeing stories with fire in the middle. The masks were carved with decorations and colors of beauty. The drums and the shakers were dancing to the beat. I felt the dust going round and round, it was like the circle of life.
The lunch was delicious the button blankets were very pretty. We also saw a bald eagle. by Alex

Yesterday we went to Lelooska Cultural Center. When we got there we waited in a line for about two minutes. When we went in the long house. It smelled like smoked bratwurst and I could feel the dust getting on my shoes and the cold benches. There was a fire in the middle of the long house so there was a lot of smoke. I was in the second row. When it started, feathers started to blow out of one of the carving’s mouth and chief Lelooska’s brother said that our side was a little more blessed than the other one and then he said sorry to the other side.
My favorite story was the one about the grandmother and her grandchildren and they went canoeing and the grandmother turned into a loon from the magic song she was singing and then she guided the kids back home with her noises. I liked the masks that opened up and there was another mask under it. I enjoyed the drumming. I liked the bear but it was kind of scary. I liked the costumes for the Grandmother Loon story.
After that we went to the museum and I looked at a stuffed female bison, a trading store and guns and knives, tools, and clothes. After that we got back on the bus to go to the park and go to the bathroom and play.
After lunch we went to the bathroom and went to go play. I played leapfrog, which was both fun and painful. After that we went back to Lewis. I fell asleep for ten minutes on the bus and didn’t hear Noah and Tre laugh at me, but they did, they told me. When I got back I was very tired. It was a pretty good field trip. Everybody gets to go on the next field trip. It’s sad that Makena couldn’t come. by Kohl

It is 8:55 a.m. and  Stella, Nora and I are in the back of the bus writing songs on the way to Lelooska Cultural Center. We were going to be on the bus for one hour so we needed to do something to do so we sang.
When we got there and the show started it got really dark. My favorite part was the Full Moon and the Half Moon. When it started the Full Moon and the Half Moon came out the Half Moon slapped Full Moon in the face, then the did a dance off and the Half Moon won.
After that we went to the museum and saw a bunch of cultural stuff then we all went to lunch. by Aubrey

Yesterday May 14 we went on a field trip to Lelooska Cultural Center. We saw a lot of interesting things like a Longhouse that we got to go in and we got to look at some of the things that Native Americans used. Either they played with them or they wore them. There were a lot of old totem poles there that Lelooska help make. Lelooska’s brother was the one who told the stories. by Mariah

Yesterday we went to Lelooska Cultural Center and museum. Lelooska’s brother said that the people on my side of the longhouse were more blessed than the people on the other side. One really cool part was someone at the beginning that started the fire by just using a shaker. by Henry

Yesterday we went to Lelooska Cultural Center. We left at 8:50 and got there at
10:20. At 10:30 the performance started. Chief Lelooska’s brother told the stories
in the performance. My favorite story was Grandmother Loon. The story goes that
once there was a grandmother who had a bunch of grandchildren. One day they were canoeing and a war canoe showed up, and the grandmother said to hide under the blankets in the canoe. As she said that she sang a song and turned into a loon forever. After he told the story a person with a mask on came out and the chief said it was supposed to be Grandmother Loon. by Veronica

Yesterday, May 14, we went on a field trip to Lelooska Cultural Center. We saw a lot of interesting things like a longhouse that we got to go in and we got to look at some of the things that native americans used. Either they played with them or they wore them. There were a lot of old totem poles there that Lelooska help make. Lelooska’s brother was the one who told the stories. by Mariah

I saw a canoe. And a play and stories told. I heard singing and squeaking. I smelled smoke from a fire. I tasted my sandwich which it was PB & J. I felt small white feathers. by Macrory

I saw at the Lelooska Cultural Center this thing that shoots out feathers and I liked it. I heard this cool music every time someone came out in a costume. I smelled smoke from the fire. When we ate at the park I got a good lunch with lemonade. I felt the feathers from the thing and they tickled. by Julian

Yesterday we went to the Lelooska Cultural Center. We saw a performance with masks and music. After the performance we headed to the museum. It had artifacts that Chief Lelooska himself made. The story teller was Lelooska’s brother. I feel sorry for Makena because she was sick. The field trip was awesome. I breathed dust for the rest of the day, though. by Hayden

Yesterday we went to the Lelooska Foundation. It was in Washington. We saw a lot of masks. Some were pretty cool. After the performance, we moved to the museum. One of the people was Lelooska’s brother.
I feel sorry for Makena because she was sick. The masks were carved with decorations and colors of beautiful. The dances kicked the dust up. On the way back we saw a bald eagle. It was fun too! Full Moon and Half Moon was GREAT. I liked Full Moon and Half Moon. They were funny. by Tyler

Yesterday we went to Lelooska Cultural Center. On the trip there I had to sit next to a kid that just hid under his jacket the whole time.
When we got to the cultural center I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to sit in the bus any longer. When we got in the building I was so excited to see what was going to happen. At first I didn’t want to sit in the front, but by the end I did.
My favorite costumes were the Bear, Full Moon and Half Moon and Grandmother Loon. I liked Full Moon and Half Moon because they were very funny and I liked the Bear because he looked really cool, and I liked Grandmother Loon because her mask could transform into a loon.
When we got out of the longhouse, we went to the museum but we had to wait because somebody from our group had to go to the bathroom. When we got in the museum we were in a big crowd, so I had to stay really close to Terry. When Chief Lelooska’s brother’s daughter stopped talking and let us free I walked right over to my friend Ryan and we started our yacking.
When I was done yacking. I went outside and waited for the rest of my group. After my group got back we went back down to the buses to drive to Merwin Park for lunch. When everyone in my group was done eating, I was sent out to ask Ms. Rotwein if our group could go to the playground. She said yes and we set out to the playground.
by Mason

Yesterday at 8:50 we started our field trip the the Lelooska Cultural Center. We had long bus ride there but it was worth it.
When we got there the first thing I saw was trees everywhere. The smell of cedar wood and dust filled my nose.
We got of the bus and got into our groups and headed for the longhouse. We walked past totem poles carved by Lelooska, mossy boards that made up the longhouse and ponds with native plants.
We walked through the door and we saw carved wood a fire pit and about 30-50 students already there. I smelled dust and a small amount of smoke.
Once we were seated, a women came out to introduce the show and in about five minutes the show started.
We were told stories from Chief Lelooska’s brother who was 80 something. After we were told the stories, they would bring out old masks and show dances from it.
Through the whole performance there was a fire burning in the middle of the house and smoke everywhere making that and dust all you can smell.
I heard powerful drums playing for the dances and rattles too.
My favorite mask they had was the old grandfather mask that moved its eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. The most funny one was the Half Moon and the Full Moon that had a dance off.
When the performance was over we went to Merwin Park to eat lunch. It was so nice to run and smell the fresh air. We got to play for about 20 minutes before it was time to get back in the bus and head to school.
We had a good field trip and I can’t wait till the next one. by Leah

Yesterday we went to the Lelooska Cultural Center. When we went in the long house, the long house was very dark inside, then we waited for ten minutes and it felt like one hour. Then the show started! We heard drumming in the background, then you heard people talking in a different language, then there was a wooden sculpture that had his mouth like a circle and two hands, then feathers came out of his mouth. It was cool looking. Then this person came out and was wearing a mask with two sides, one blueish greenish and the other gray and when you saw the whole mask it looked like a witch. Then the masked person got a rattle and went around the fire. Then a story happened by this guy he played the drums then he told the story of the Great Mother Loon and it goes like this: two children and their grandmother went to go get seaweed and they went in a boat and when they got out they were singing songs and telling stories, but they didn’t notice that it got foggy. But then the children and the grandmother noticed that it was foggy, but then saw a slave ship so the children hid under the the nets and then their grandmother sang a song and turned into a loon. by Olivia

Today we went to the Lelooska Cultural Center. When we got there we went to our grown ups and started to head to the longhouse. When we went in it was pretty dark with just a little bit of light coming in from the hole in the ceiling. There were lots of cool carved totem poles.
The women started to direct us to our seats. I sat in the second row. After about five minutes of silence the women came out and introduced us to the show. After about one more minute of silence a guy in a traditional outfit came out and started to dance around a giant pile of wood then he started to shake a rattle over the pile of wood and a couple seconds later smoke started to appear in then a giant burst of flames. It was super high up it was big enough to be a bon fire.
Then a man wearing a button blanket on his back came out and told us a story. It was about the wolf people eating up most of the deer people but some deer escaped and that is why there is still deer today. The second story was about a grandmother who sang a song and turned into a Loon because a giant wave of fog was about to swallow her up. After the second story I got pretty tired.
Finally after the third story was done, the women excused us by lines. We walked the trail and went into the big museum. The women took us to the middle of the museum where she talked about some of the things we saw in the show. After that she answered questions.
I kept on hearing a squeaky bat-like sound so I asked why do I keep hearing a bat noise she said it’s just my buttons rubbing together. But when Noah and I heard the buttons rub together it sounded more like a jingle. Noah and I both looked at each other. We both said that is not the noise we heard, so that remains a mystery if there is a bat in the museum or not.
After that we got to do free for all and got to look at whatever we want. After ten minutes later we got back on the bus and started to drive down the to the picnic area where we we were going to eat lunch. When we got there everybody scrambled off the bus, got their  lunch and ran to get the best picnic table. My group sat at a white picnic table that was in the sun. A couple minutes later, Alea’s group came and joined us. by Elliot

Yesterday I walked into our class and immediately saw a bunch of puffy jackets and lots of paper sacks. Soon my dad showed up with other parents that were chaperones and we left.
Then we went on the hot, long and boring bus ride. Finally we got to Lelooska Cultural Center.
A woman seated us. Then she went behind the curtain and suddenly we heard a drum sound and feathers spewed out of a totem polls mouth on our side of the room. It stopped and a man came out from the curtains and said our side was a little more blessed than the other side. Then the smell of smoke filled the room and someone dressed as a raven lit the fire.
He told us many stories and many masks were shown after the stories. My favorite one was The Old Grandmother Loon where an old grandmother was getting seaweed with her grandchildren, then fog surrounded them and a ship was going to them. She sang a song, turned into a loon and guided the children home.
After the show we went to an A-frame building which was the museum. I walked in and saw a big bison and a baby bison. I learned that beaver tokens where a form of money.
Then we had a delicious lunch and ran around for a while.
Soon we had to go on another hot, long and boring bus ride. After a hour or so we were back at lewis. by Zoë

Yesterday at Lelooska I saw lot of masks, headdresses, and button blankets. I heard songs, words, and stories. I smelled smoke and camp fire and when I first walked in it smelled like I was in a forest. I tasted some smoke, I felt benches. There was big wooden carving of a guy who blew feathers on us. After we went to a museum we got back on the bus to go eat lunch. I sat next toLeah and drew horses and a Pegasus. When we got there I gave Joey a Cheeto. My lunch was delicious and the last story they told was that a bear shook the door and the bear came close to me and Leah waved to the bear and it did a big growel “GRRRRRR”! Leah and I almost fell backwards and when they said it was over I said in my mind “no!” by Payton

All the fourth grade classes went to Chief Lelooska Cultural Center. It was warm in the longhouse and there were some rules about the museum and all the fourth grade classes saw a lot of totem poles.
In the museum we saw lots of artifacts and cool things to look at.
The field trip was awesome because I got to see what mask Chief Lelooska made. The masks were awesome.
The performance was awesome too, same as the button blanket. One of the button blankets had a octopus on it.
My favorite story was Full Moon and the Half Moon fighting. At the end of the story Full Moon and the Half Moon had a dance off.
On the bus ride back Nate and I saw a bald eagle.
Makena would have loved to come because I know I liked it. by Tre

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Lelooska Cultural Center. First we got on the bus, it was a long ride but when we got there I realized the ride was worth it.
When we went inside the longhouse it was smaller than I expected.
At the beginning a dancer came out and shook a rattle over a stack of wood and then the wood caught fire.
During the performance we saw lots of masks and some masks opened up and another mask was under it.
After the performance we went to the museum and I saw some shotguns and they had a fake trading center. by Nate

This week we went to Lelooska and saw them tell old native stories. Unfortunately they had a fire to keep it light so I could not breathe very well. In the museum I saw lots of cool things like a musket! At lunch we ate and played at a park. I feel sorry for Makena because she did not get to come. They told three stories. by Rylan

On Tuesday when we went to a field trip in Washington. We had Mr. Monroe as our substitute. I was in a group with Zoe’s dad, Rob. We saw lots of things like masks, fire, and some Native American items. I also saw Chief Lelooska’s brother. I heard things like the story animals and buttons hitting each other. I smelled smoke.
The story I liked was about some stupid deer and some smart wolves. In the story the wolves trick the deer and the deer come to a dinner party and got killed to make a nice wolf dinner. There were more stories told like Grandmother Loon, one about a cannibal, and more. At lunch a funny thing happened: I fell off the bench. After lunch we went back to school. by Noah

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Lelooska Cultural Center. 8:35, I’m running down the street. Right, Left, Forward, Right, Forward, STOP! YES! I was finally at school! I looked at my phone. 8:40. Just in time! I went in the classroom. Sweat was running down my forehead, I was panting like a dog. Tired, I put my lunch in the lunch bucket and sat down. I looked on the big table there were stickers that said, LEWIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FIELD TRIP: LELOOSKA CULTURAL CENTER and then it would say the person’s name and a dot of the color of your group you were going on the field trip with. I was in the green group with Tanner’s mom (our chaperone), me, Nora, and Tanner of course. Mr. Monroe did the attendance and everyone was there but Makena.
We hurried on the bus and sat in our seat. I sat to the left of Nora and Olivia, I sat on the right of Aubrey. The bus ride was an hour long and we sat there and wrote songs in my note pad. by the end of the bus ride we had finished two songs. We were finally at Lelooska Cultural Center. by Stella

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