Class Notes for May 27-31, 2013

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Congratulations to all of our performers in last week’s Spring Music Concert. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We are so lucky to have Mr. Jamesbarry as our music teacher. Students leave Lewis School knowing that they can jump into any middle school band program and hold their own.
We have two field trips coming up on Monday and Tuesday of next week, June 3rd and 4th. Permission slips went home last week and should be returned by Wednesday of this week. As of Sunday night we still have chaperone spots available for both trips. The weather forecast is trending towards nice conditions for both days, so please feel free to volunteer if you have the time. Please check with Tracy in the office if you have not gone through the chaperone approval process (background check). Both are very active field trips that are a lot of fun.
Our field trip on Monday, June 3 is taking us to Jean’s Urban Forest Farm near Johnson Creek, where we we be involved in observing how agri­cul­ture can be sus­tain­ably prac­ticed within a healthy for­est ecosystem. This field trip is combined with our Pioneer walk, in which the students can wear pioneer outfits that don’t get in the way of walking the 2.6 mile round trip. Comfortable shoes are a must for kids as well as adults.
The day after that we are heading out on a bus to Philip Foster Farm out in the Estacada area. This is a farm much like the pioneers would have lived on once they got to Oregon in the 1850s. There are several stations to experience, including a tour of the old farm house that the Foster family lived in, along with a barn and an honest-to-goodness blacksmith shop.
Alea presented information about and inspiration for an art project that we are going to do this Friday out in the Lewis Learning Garden. The class was shown pictures of work by Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist who works with Land Art.

We are winding down the year and I would like to remind parents to talk to your children about appropriate school behavior. This has been a really great year so far and I would hate to have it end on a bad note for anybody because of not following the basic three rules of Lewis School: Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. I like the phrase “Be Mindful,” as it covers a lot of ground in terms of thinking about doing the right thing. There have been instances in the past couple of weeks where some students are forgetting that those rules apply to them, too.

About Mr. Colvin

I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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