Class Notes for Nov. 4-7, 2013

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It was so good to come back and visit the kids and parents last week at the Drama performance! I am ready to get back in the swing of things and work with the kids over the coming months. I want to publicly thank Mr. Monroe for keeping things running smoothly and for keeping the flow of learning happening while I was away.

The class is working towards writing a personal narrative with a strong beginning, middle, and ending using a curriculum called Authors and Actors. From what I’ve seen, the class is doing well putting the pieces together for their story. Next week and the week after that we will have a guest writing teacher, Anne Rutherford, help the class put the final touches on their drafts for a total of five lessons.

Please go to the blog for information about the Lelooska trip on Thursday!

We are starting a unit in Social Studies called Pursuing the Past which is basically a chance for parents, grandparents, and older neighbors to share experiences with students. It’s more than that, because it gives students a chance to explore a little of their own history starting with the time around their birth. There is an explanation of the project in the booklet I will be sending home this week. This is a long-term project that is due by Dec. 6th. In the past, many families have used the Thanksgiving weekend to do the bulk of the interviews, but they can be done anytime. Skype is becoming a great way to interview people who can’t travel all the way to Portland.

It’s true. There is no homework this week except for reading for at least a half hour each night. Use any extra time you have reading or doing something else you really like to do (as long as it’s not watching TV for three hours at a time!)

The class said goodbye to two good friends in the past two weeks. Charla and Preston have made their ways to new schools and we hope they try to stay in contact with us when they get settled in. We’ll miss you both!


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