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This Thursday we head up to Ariel, Washington to visit the Lelooska Cultural Center. Follow the links below to get more information about the Cultural Center. There is a very informative article in The Oregonian and some outstanding photographs of some of the masks that we will see.

We will leave shortly after school starts on Thursday. Please have your child to school on time or even a little early. I will start letting students come in at 8:30. They should use the bathroom immediately and make sure their name is on their lunch bag. Once again, we ask that lunches be brought in paper bags and no glass containers. Space is limited on the bus and we just don’t have enough room for all the bulky lunch boxes.

Another important item is the weather. I have noticed that forecasters are calling for a 70% chance of rain on Thursday. Even though the dances and storytelling are indoors, it is an unheated space except for a small fire in the middle. Even on some warm May days it is cold inside the longhouse. I can only imagine how chilly it will be in November. Please have your child dress warmly with sensible shoes. We will also be eating lunch at a nearby park that luckily has covered areas in case it is pouring down during our visit there.

I will be sharing more information about the trip during the week with the class, so be sure to ask questions about the field trip this week. For now, click on the links above and share what you find out with your child.


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