Kellen’s Excellent New Zealand Adventure–Part II

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We went to Puzzling World in the town of Wanaka which is a museum of optical illusions. The Ames Forced Perspective Room is an optical illusion that made me seem taller than Charlotte. We also solved the labyrinth; we had to go to each of the four corner towers, and it took just over an hour and was a lot trickier than I thought it would be. Dad and I had to go back to rescue Mom and Charlotte.

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On our way to the West coast we stopped for several short hikes. One of them was to the Blue River we across this swing bridge. It was like a long trampoline. The river was turquoise blue.

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We visited the valley formed by the Fox Glacier. It was a 30 minute hike up to the glacier, the last hill was very steep. Because the glacier had recently formed the valley there were few plants and it was mostly open and rocky. The glacier was amazing though we could not see the top because it was cloudy and raining.


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