Kellen’s Excellent New Zealand Adventure– Part III


On Friday the 13th we drove to Christchurch. My parents used to live here before my sister and I were born. In 2010 and 2011 there were two major earthquakes which did considerable damage in the downtown area. The city is still in recovery. We felt a small earthquake. It was a 3.5M


On Saturday we went to Orana Wildlife Park, one of my favourite (Editor’s note: Kellen is starting to spell the British way!) was the New Zealand icon, the Kiwi. They live in a nocturnal house which is dark to make the kiwi’s think it is night so we can see them during the day. I also got to feed the giraffes. When they are hungry they are very greedy.


IMGP0847 (1024x683)

IMGP0919 (1024x683)

This is me on a flying fox (Zipline in the U.S.). There used to be flying fox at almost every park but now they are only at a few parks.

IMGP0992 (1024x683)

My Uncle Simon has an awesome car he rebuilt it and painted. He builds fiberglass body kits for cars and jet boat hulls and lots of other things out of fiberglass. He owns his own company called Aerotech.


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