Happy 65th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I usually use this blog for school-related subjects, but I can’t resist mentioning that today, Dec. 23, 2013, is my parents’ 65th anniversary. 

Lea and Edsel Colvin 1948 and 2013

Mom and Dad on their wedding day in December of 1948 and in October of 2013.

My parents personified what good parenting is all about and I hope that has informed the way I parented my own children, as well as how I teach (there, I got an educational reference in!). Besides showering us with unconditional love, giving us a safe environment to grow up in, and teaching us about personal responsibility, one take-away from my years of growing up with my parents was their constant encouragement of activities my sisters and I were interested in, whether it was (for me) Cub and Boy Scouts, music, photography, writing, or teaching.

By encouragement, I mean that I was allowed to pursue my own interests whole heartedly. Yes, my regular homework and some household chores were always at the top of the list of things to do when I got home from school, but after those were finished, I was free to do my own projects. In my younger days, that meant going outside and playing army, and cops and robbers with my friends.

Later on that meant taking up the trumpet, guitar, and photography on my own. The encouragement was not in the form of false praise. They knew I didn’t sound good at the beginning and they gave me the time and space to practice at my instruments of choice until I became listenable. My first photographs were fuzzy and underexposed, but they were patient and knew what I was eventually capable of. What they gave me was the gift of time to develop my talents.

My sisters and I couldn’t have asked for better parents. Thanks and congratulations, Mom and Dad!

The following is a summary of my parents’ lives together:

Gold Beach, Oregon natives currently living in Madras, Edsel and Lea Colvin celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary today. They were married on December 23, 1948, at the home of Lea’s parents, Frank and Viola Pennington, in North Bend, Oregon. After a short honeymoon, they resided with Edsel’s father, Frank Colvin, at his home on Colvin Street in Gold Beach until shortly after the birth of their first child, Penny Lee, in 1950.

The births of Catherine Ann in 1952 and Paul Vincent in 1953 completed the family. All three children graduated from Gold Beach Union High School, where Edsel served as teacher, vice-principal, principal, and superintendent from 1948 until his retirement in 1985.

Paul Cathy Penny Lea Edsel Colvin 1960

Road trip! The Colvin family in 1960. That’s me in front with my best first-grade attitude, along with my sisters Cathy and Penny. Mom and Dad rounded out the family posing in front of our trusty 1959 Chevy Impala station wagon.

Edsel was graduated from Gold Beach High School in 1941 and went to Pacific University in Forest Grove until he enlisted in the Army in 1943. He was a foot soldier in France and Germany as part of the 103rd Infantry Division. After the war, he finished his studies at the University of Oregon and returned to Gold Beach in 1948 as a teacher at the high school.

Lea attended grade school in Gold Beach, but her family moved to North Bend after her seventh-grade year. She attended North Bend High School, where she was a cheerleader. She was also involved in theater productions.

She also worked for Paul and Dorothea McElwain of North Bend, taking care of their young daughter and traveled with them to their vacation homes in Palm Springs and Agness. After graduating from high school, Lea worked as a lab technician at Keizer Memorial Hospital in North Bend. After her children were older, she worked at the Gold Beach Pharmacy and Hallmark shop for many years.

Edsel and Lea have seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

They lived in Gold Beach for most of their lives and moved to Madras to be closer to family about two years ago.


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