Spirit Animal Art Project 2014


Once you have selected your northwest Native American spirit animal, here are some links for images. Notice the use of ovoid and U-shapes:

Key symbols of West Coast Native Art Click on the small pictures (called “thumbnails”) to enlarge them. This link has almost all of the spirit animals listed below with more description of their character traits.

Northwest Tribal Art Symbols Scroll down to read more about your spirit animal or use the Quick Links on the left side of the page.

Eagle, Salmon, Bear, Loon, Hummingbird, Raven, Beaver, Frog, Wolf




Owl, Salmon, Heron, Frog, Eagle, Wolf, Salmon, Wolf, Beaver, Octopus, Bear, Raven, Loon, Hawk, Hummingbird, Killer Whale, Kingfisher, Seal

First Nation Artist Bios Read about contemporary Native American artists

Read more about and see illustrations of your spirit animal. Notice that there are a total of three pages that you can go to.

An Overview of Pacific Northwest Native Indian Art by Clint Cora This opens a PDF with lots of information about Native American art in the Pacific Northwest.

Native-Online has a very detailed description on the use of the ovoid shape in Native American art.

How to Draw a Wolf Head


Symbols of Northwest Native Americans

BEAVER                     Creative, artistic and determined, industrious

BEAR                           Strength, learned humility, teaching

BUMBLEBEE             Honesty, pure thinking – willingness and drive

DOVE                           Love, gentleness and kindness

DRAGON FLY            Ever-changing life

EAGLE                        Strength, leadership and prestige. Good luck to the giver and receiver.

FROG                          Spring & new life – communicator, stability

HALIBUT                   Life protector, strength and stability

HAWK                        Strength, far sighted

HERON                      Patience, graceful and easy going

HUMMINGBIRD     Love, beauty, intelligence, spirit messenger

KILLER WHALE      Traveler & guardian – symbol of good

KINGFISHER            Luck, patience, speed and agility

LOON                          Peace, tranquility – generous giving nature

OCTOPUS                   Transformation, spirit helper

OTTER                        Trusting, inquisitive and bright – loyal friendship

OWL                            Wisdom

RAVEN                       Creation & knowledge – bringer of the light, catalyst of change.

SALMON                    Dependability and renewal – a provider

SEAL                           Bright, inquisitive, organized

WOLF                          Intelligence & leadership – strong sense of family

Examples of finished products:


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