Class Notes for Jan. 21-24, 2014

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Friday marks the halfway point of the year and I’ve got to say, it’s going by fast. Since we are in the thick of studying fractions, have your child show you some different ways (hint: two-fourths is one way) to express one half. Remember that next Monday, Jan. 27 is a teacher planning day for report card preparation. Report cards go home the following Monday (Feb. 3).

At the end of last week I sent an email to all parents with this week’s homework in case anybody wanted to get a head start. As of Monday afternoon, one student has finished the SpellingCity homework and four others have started it. Hopefully a few people got to the math papers that I sent along, too. If you didn’t get the email, check your spam or junk mail box.

Please continue sending the Reading Logs in on Fridays. There were a few more “check pluses” on this last week’s paper than there were the first week. A “check plus” means that the Reading Log was done thoroughly and neatly.

We still have several openings for chaperones on our Monday, Feb. 10 field trip to the Oregon Historical Society in downtown Portland. This trip will be from about 9:00 until 1:00 or so. The details are still being worked out with TriMet. I would love to have at least five parents go with us, but we can take more.

Speaking of field trips, we have another one planned for Thursday, April 10 to Ft. Vancouver in Washington. I will let you know more about that as we get closer to the trip.

One of the graphics in the slideshow above reads,

No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well being of another student.

This sounds like common sense, but it is not always being followed by all students. I feel very strongly that our classroom should be a positive place where all people need to feel safe from hurtful comments, whether those comments are behind the back or to the face, whether they are whispered to another student or said out loud to the class.

If a student says something inappropriate or hurtful in front of the class or loud enough to be heard by classmates, I will ask that student if it’s OK to think that thought. Yes, it’s OK to think that thought. I’ll ask if it’s OK to talk to me or your parents about it later. Yes, that’s entirely OK and I will be sure to listen well. Is it OK to blurt it out in front of the class? No, it isn’t.

If your child is not feeling safe or respected in our class, I need to know, either from him or her or you, the parents. There is no room for bullying in our classroom.

The students of Room 24 have too much good going for them to get caught up in hurtful words or deeds. I think Dr. King would agree with me on that.

And finally, this week’s spelling words are about forming possessives of singular (one) and plural (many) nouns.

  1. To form possessives of singular nouns, add an apostrophe and s: family‘s.
  2. To form possessives of plural nouns that end in s, add only an apostrophe: families’.
  3. Possessive pronouns are not formed with apostrophes: its.
theirs –Possessive pronoun (no apostrophe!)– The foursquare ball is theirs.

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I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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