Class Notes for Feb. 18-21, 2014 (Updated. Again)

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Because this is a short week thanks to Presidents’ Day (and uncertainty about whether we would have school on Thursday and Friday), I will send home a larger-than-usual math packet that is not due until next Friday, Feb. 28th. Spelling homework is SpellingCity and reading logs are due on Friday, Feb. 21.

Native American presentations are taking shape with some teams almost done and ready to present. I’m going to give as much time as possible this week and make a big push to get everybody done by Thursday or Friday.

Thank you to all the parents who sent food and supplies for the Valentine’s party on Friday. And a special thanks to Gwynn, Pam, and Betsy for helping out with the actual party. I couldn’t have done it without you!

I got another chance to see one of our Room 24 athletes perform this weekend. Remember, send me your child’s sports (or music) schedule, and if I my calendar is free, I will go. I really enjoy seeing how kids interact with each other in a different environment.

The Lewis Family Dance has been postponed due to uncertainty about the possibility of a strike. The fantastic folks of the Lewis PTA are trying to find an open Friday in the near future. I am so looking forward to playing for this dance! Please plan on attending if you like to dance. Mr. Jamesbarry has taught the kids all the moves and he will teach everybody else right before each dance.

Several students have been bringing Pokemon cards, binders, and recently metal tokens related to the Pokemon cards. I remember trading baseball cards with my friends when I was in elementary school and this is very similar (except for the fact that the Pokemon characters don’t play baseball very well!). I have told the kids that they may bring them to school as long as the cards/tokens stay in their backpacks during the day. Most students are abiding by this, but some are choosing to take advantage of this freedom by keeping them in their desks or pockets and trading in the bathroom or during work time.

If your child brings cards to school, please mention to them that the cards stay in backpacks during the day and can come out only after school.

This generalization for this week’s spelling words is that the sound /j/ can be spelled ge and dge: charge, bridge. The sounds/ks/ and /kw/ can be spelled xc, x, and qu: except, expect, equal.

1. village
2. charge
3. bridge
4. knowledge
5. fudge
6. except
7. excited
8. excellent
9. explain
10. expect
11. Texas
12. exercise
13. expect
14. quick
15. question
16. equal
17. queen
18. quart
19. liquid
20. quilt
21. advantage
22. expedition
23. aquarium
24. inquire
25. frequent 


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I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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