Class Notes for March 3-7, 2014

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The majority of the class presented their Native American reports last week. We will finish up the remaining ones this week.
The class has learned a lot about the food, shelter, clothing, tools, and culture of the Native Americans who lived in this area. We got to look at, wonder about, and hold artifacts and tools that were made thousands of years ago. We explored the art they made, the stories they told, the beliefs they held, and listened to songs that were sung by the people of this area. Next year, 5th graders explore, among other things, Native Americans from other parts of North America. Our students will be ready!
We will be studying the travels of Meriwether Lewis (namesake of our very own Lewis School!) and William Clark in the coming weeks. Their story is truly amazing and their path was right in Portland’s backyard. I highly recommend visiting Fort Clatsop near Astoria to get a feel for what they went through, especially if you visit it at this time of year.
We are starting a short unit in Math on double-digit multiplication, then we head back to dig deeper into fractions and throw decimals into the mix. After that we go into review mode for a short time to prepare for the OAKS test in April. After that we will study algebraic thinking.
In addition to the study of adaptation the class is involved in with our Reed College Science Outreach program, we will be doing a short unit on forensic science that focuses on fingerprinting. It’s a small whorl after all. . .
We have a field trip to Ft. Vancouver coming up on Thursday, April 10. I am also in the process of rescheduling our snowed-out Oregon Historical Society trip for the week of March 17. I’ll let you know when the time gets finalized.
Thanks to parents who responded to the spelling questionnaire last week. In response, I am going to have paper and pencil worksheets sent home, but if your child wants to do the spelling city work on the computer, that is fine, too. In other words, I’d like your child to choose to do one or the other (or both if they want to) and have it done by Friday each week. This week’s words are all multisyllabic. They are learned best by taking the words apart syllable-by-syllable. Most of them have common prefixes or suffixes (for example, the prefixes re-, pre-, in-, dis-, mis-, and the suffixes -fully, -ship, -able, -ish).


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I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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