Day Two of Our Taiko Drum Residency- Review and Practice

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Day Two of our Portland Taiko drum residency saw the class in the tighter confines of the music room where the energy of the drums is more concentrated. The class reviewed vocabulary with Michelle and Toru, then went about learning new material for our performance on Wednesday afternoon. (You are planning on attending, right?)

I’m in a group with Simon. I am in the 2 group. It is lots of fun in Taiko. I like the front drums. By Alex

Today we had Taiko. Instead of doing it in the gym we did it in the music room. We split up into two groups. First our group did the drum roll. My heart beat hard in my chest. It was very loud and powerful.

Then Michelle banged her symbols together four times, loud and clear. Our turn was over.

Next the other group did the drum roll. After that we learned the first five beats of our song. By Emmy

I really liked Taiko today because we got to play the start of a song. The beat was don, don, doko, doko. We also got to play  CopyCat, where Toru plays or says something and we have to do the same thing. I really liked it because it was more complicated than drum rolling. We did not get to learn new beats, though it was incredibly fun. Here is a link to their website. Portland Taiko by Simon

Today we went into the music room to do Taiko drumming. There was a little space but it was still awesome. We mostly did the same thing as Friday, but today Mr Colvin had divided the groups evenly. Each group has twelve people but two people from each group were sick so today each group only had eleven kids. We started out by Toru doing some exercises with your knees, then we practiced with our voices. Later group one started out. After group one was done group two went to play the drums. When group two was done with the extremely LOUD!!!! instruments we did this thing called CopyCat. We had to copy what ever Toru did. Group one started again they had to do whatever Toru do some people messed up sometimes but this time you had to go to a different drum as last time. When group one and group two were done we just talked about things that some words they sing or random words they made up. I had an awesome time! By Brittany

It was our second day at Portland Taiko. This time we went to Portland Taiko in the Music Room and it was crowded! This time we got into different groups than last time. We took turns playing the drums like last time. We played a game called copy cat. When Toru plays something or says something we copy him. It was kind of hard to play the drums because we didn’t have much space but it was enough to play in two groups. After we played on the drums we said all the words we learned when Toru played it on the drum. After Toru did that some other people got to do it to. Then we sat down to talk about what we did, then we said Arigatou and left the music room. By June

Monday when we did Taiko we did not learn any more words. But we did get more practice time on the Taiko than last time. Each team got two turns with the Taiko. There are only two teams half on one half on the other. The first time each team did it we just did the drum roll. The second time we copied the instructor. We also got to start making our own song. The one problem was, well, actually there were two. We all had to work as a team. That’s because we can’t do anything independently. The other problem was the other instructor is making the song for us. I think she’s doing it because we’re going to play the song. When I was thinking we were going to make the song and then play it ourselves. By Gabriel

Today was the second day of Taiko and it was fun. We played copycat where we repeat Toru on the drum and we did some exercises at the beginning of the session to get ready for the Taiko. I was in group one so I got to go first. By McKela

My second day at Taiko was great! We’re starting our song that we are going to play I think on Thursday or Wednesday and I wish the days would go faster!
I  got to play and hit on the drum that I always wanted to play on the Taiko and we learned no new words and I want to BAD!!! by David

Today was another day in Taiko. Today was like a review of Friday, but some other new things. We did copy cat which is a thing where you copy Toru, drumming or saying out the words. For example he would say DOKO! we would say DOKO! or he would play doko on the drum and we would play doko on the drum. By Sevyn

Today we went in the music room to do Taiko drumming and it was so different because of the space. Michelle and Toru helped us with words like Tsu or Kara etc. We  mostly did the same thing as Friday. Anyways time to drum BAM! BAM! the drums are very loud! There were some blurt outs once we got settled not playing drums. It was hard pronouncing the words the first time but today it was awesome! We played copy cats with drums that was my favorite part. By Somaly

This is part two of Portland Taiko drumming. I already told you a lot, but I am going to bore you but here we go again so get ready for the best the coolest taiko lecture ever! So I think we left off at those crazy words so I will start a new subject like what Taiko  drumming really just means drum but not a cheap baby drum I mean a real drum. It was cool and I mean cool! But was still loud and I mean loud! By Kennedy

First on Monday we went to Taiko right after lunch recess. We first did some warm ups and the first one we did was saying all the words they were Su=rest, Hai=yes, sore, yo=!, bachi=sticks, arigatou=thank you, tsuku=quiet, don and doko=loud, ka kara=play on side of drum. Then we went to the drums. My teacher split our class into two different groups, we played first. We did the drum roll and we did it two times and we sat down so the other group can do the drum roll. Then when it was our turn again we made our own song when Toru and Michelle were telling us what to do. My favorite part of Taiko today was playing the drum. By Joseph

Today we did drum rolls and repeated drum patterns. We didn’t learn new words but we worked on a new song and we played copycat and it was really loud.  By Tanner

What a day.

I did Taiko with Michelle and Toru.  The days get better and better. I did a game called “Copycat” on the Taiko drum. Portland Taiko – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Michelle said we are going to play “Ha!,” our Taiko song. By Sean S.

Today I loved Taiko. It was super fun! We did not learn any new beats though.  Today we are learning on making a new song we learned a new game called copy cat when Toru did something on the drum we had to copy it.  I have been on every single type of drum the drum I like the best is the barrel one. I had a lot of fun and I also got to play on the drum again when I went on the drum I was thinking about the last time I was on the drum it was very exciting. I hope it would be better this time and it was. I had a good time.   By Lawson

Today we were in the music room. We talked more about the vocabulary words. We switched off the drumroll with our two teams. Also, both teams went up to the drums, and we put the sounds together and played them on the drum. Such as: tsu tsu tsu kara tsuku. That is an example of some of the combinations we played. While everyone was playing, the room was rattling so hard that my my body was shaking and my ears hurt. The drums were very cool. Some of them were dark brown with long legs supporting it. One other drum was light brown with wheels. And the last drum was light blue with wheels. They were very nice. By Franny


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