Day Three of Our Taiko Drum Residency- Perseverance

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Day Three of our Portland Taiko residency focused on perseverance. The class worked on building stamina and worked on the performance piece they are going to do at tomorrow’s recital.
The recital will be in the cafeteria at 2:00 and parents are invited. Please come if you can!

Don, Don, Doko, Doko, Don, Don, Kara, Kara, Don Don, Ha, Su, Su, Su.

Thats it, that’s the song we learned today. Its the one we will do for the performance. Its not that hard actually I got it down pretty quick. I played on all the types of drums today and they all have different sounds. My personal favorite drum is the barrel drum. I call it the barrel drum because the body looks like a barrel. My favorite sound is Kara (KA-Da) it is two side hits. Toru (tor-du) and Michelle helped us with the piece they explain it well. By Sean A.

Taiko  there is different types of drums. My favorite drum is the one in the front. By Alex

Today at Taiko we learned our whole song. It is called Ha! It goes like this, Don Don Doko Doko Don Don Kara Kara Don Don Don Don Ha Su Su Su. When I played it I felt very full of energy.

When the other team played it, it sounded like a bomb was going off! It was so loud!! I am so excited for the performance! I love Taiko drumming! By Emmy

I really liked hearing the finished song today the song we learned was called Ha! . It goes don, don, doko, doko  don, don, kara, kara  don, don, don, don  Ha!!!  su, su, su. I think that it will sound really good tomorrow. I really like Michelle and Toru because they are very helpful. The only beats that are not used in the song are Tsu and Tsuku. I can’t wait to do it tomorrow. By Simon

Tomorrow is our performance. I’m nervous and excited. I missed yesterday’s practice but today was really fun. I got to do a solo on the Taiko drum. The sticks are called are bachi. Today I had a bad headache but now after Taiko….Its really bad. We learned the whole song. The name of the song is HA! Michelle and Toru are the best Taiko teachers that I know. I’m so happy that they’re back with us and teaching us Taiko. By Faith

Today in Taiko we did a whole song! The name of the song is called “Ha!” The song had a lot of dons. Some kids in the class had to be our leader or play something by themselves in front of the music room. The kids who went up to be a leader were Kennedy and Tate. The kids who played something by themselves are Ruby, Sevyn, and Faith. Ruby played the whole entire song and Sevyn played the dons and the dojos. Faith played the dons and the karas. Group one played first again. We had to do lots of transporting to another drum. I got to go to all of the drums. The first row drum that is dark brown, the second row drum was aqua, and the last one was light brown. When we were playing Copy Cat Toru our leader clapped the two things together really quickly,  but all of us were done just in time. By Brittany

Today we are still in the music room. It was really crowded. Today we didn’t have to talk about what not and what to do to the Taiko drums, we just got started on playing the Taiko drums. Today we learned Don Don Doko Doko, then we learned another rhythm then another. At the end it was whole song. The song was called “HA!” Some kids got chosen to be a leader and play the whole song in front of the class. Some kids got to lead the other kids in a rhythm. When group number 1 played the drum and group 2 was on the wall your back vibrated because of the wall and the drums. Then at the end we said Arigato and left the music room. By June

Today is day three of Taiko. Today we got to play the drum five times. Last time we started a song called Ha! This time we finished the song. The song went something like Don Don Doko Doko Don Don Kara Kara Don Don Don Don Ha Su Su Su. When the instructor told us to say some of the words loudly we compared it. The drum did nothing. The reason I said compared to the drum is because once we were done the other instructor played it the way he heard it. Usually the drum’s sound waves were so big it made you rattle. But when he played it it was so quiet.So we had to try again. The next time we tried we were at least fifty times better. So when he played the drum he probably hit it as hard as he could without breaking the drum. The reason I think that is because it made me rattle even more. For some reason we tried it again. That time we were louder than any other time. So the instructor couldn’t play it. So he asked somebody to play it but not as loud as they heard it. So that was my day at Taiko.  by Gabriel

Today was the worse day of Taiko ever! I hurt my shoulder at recess so I couldn’t play the drums, but I got to see how everyone played and learned from them. I saw some of my friends getting to lead the group so they had fun there. I think the song was very energetic. By McKela

Today I got to go in front of everybody and play a part of the song we are going to perform tomorrow. I played don don doko doko on the drum in front of everybody. Also today we learned the whole song it goes like this don don doko doko don don kara kara don don don don then say ha su su su. The song is called Ha! Michelle did something where she clicked two instruments together (they look like sticks). There were two rows. Row one and row two (also known as teams).  There were three rhythms: one to put the bachis together and put them on the ground. Another was to go back to your seat in either row one or two. The last rhythm was to let the other team go get to their Taiko drum and get their bachi. Tomorrow is our last day in Taiko drumming and I think it is a fun class and I have good teachers named Michelle and Toru. By Sevyn

Today we learned the song Ha which worded out is don, don, doko, doko, don, don, kara, kara, don, don, don, don, ha, su, su, su. I kind of love it and you are kind of are bored of it at the same time. I guess I Iike Taiko. I hate that we have to perform in front of an audience. By Kellen

I have  something really awesome!
So we waltz in feeling all fine, having a normal day, but in that moment when we saw that Taiko we went crazy but in a good way.
We stood and did our warm ups like we do every day with all the stretching and that sort of stuff. Then I saw the Taiko. So I think I have made it clear that I had a magical moment with the Taiko.
I got to lead the song!
We did three parts of the song and as they called it “gluing them together” to make them into one bigger song.  By Kennedy

Today we went to Taiko again. This time we played a whole song! The song was called HA! We sang it at the same time we played it on the drums. The song went like this: don don doku doku don don kara kara don don don don ha su su su. By Ruby

DON!!!! DON!!!!!!! DOKO!!!!!!! DOKO!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!! I’m vibrating so hard, I’m shaking. Later in taiko first when we came in we did stretches. We’re learning a song called HA!the song wright out is like this.Don don doko doko don don kara kara don don don don ha su su su su.We took step by step instructions. By Diego

Today in Taiko we made our song and we practiced it and we are awesome at playing it. The song goes like Don don doko doko don don kara kara don don don don ha su su su.
I am on team 1 with Lawson and Sean A. The time we had with Taiko was very fun. By Tanner


We were doing Ha! We were doing Don, Don, Doko, Doko,

Now Don, Don, Kara, Kara, Don, Don, Don, Don, HA! su, su, su! I wonder if it’s going to be a lot louder! In general, I don’t know maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. By Sean S.

I had a really great time at taiko today. Today we got to play the drum as our warm up and then they taught us a song. It was a really cool song and this was what they say in Japanese: don, don, doko, doko, don, don , kara, kara, don, don, don, don, ha, su, su, su. That is the whole song and we have two groups and I am with Sean in a group. We played the game called copycat and it was a cool song. At the beginning we warmed up our bodies and voices with Toru and we spoke stuff in Japanese and then we got to our warm ups. I had a good time and I can’t wait to do it tomorrow. I want to do it  forever. By Lawson

Today was the third day! That means we’re going to perform tomorrow! Yeah! Okay, now I have to tell you about what I did, I got to go on the Shime Daiko! (Tighten Drum) and I got to lead a song! I will explain what I was thinking. I was slowly walking up to the Shime Daiko, I picked up my bachi with conviction, “KAMAITE!” I boomed, “HAI” they responded “SO-RE!”
I said, “YO-OH” they said back, and then we started the song. Don, Don, Doko, Doko, Don, Don, Kara, Kara, Don, Don, Don, Don, Ha, Su, Su, Su. By Tate

Today was our third day of Taiko. After we did our drumroll, we worked on the song Ha. We learned the rest of the song, and finally put it all together! It sounded so good! The instructors had some people come up to the other drums and play parts of the song. Also, some people got to come up to the leader drum and lead their group through the parts of the song we were playing at that time.
We also played the copycat game, where we would go to our drums and copy what Toru was doing. There were lots of cool combinations.
Throughout the song, there were lots of dons and dokos. It was cool seeing the different people come up and show how they could lead their group and the class. The first part of the song was don, don, doko, doko. The second was don, don, kara, kara. The third was don, don, don, don. And the fourth was ha, su, su, su. It was so cool when we put it all together! We had so much fun!
The goodbye and the greeting are both something where you stand with your feet together and your hands held tightly to your sides. Then, you bow and say goodbye and thank you in Japanese. It was really fun. We have a performance coming up where we show our families. It sounds really fun. I can’t wait to do it again! 
By Franny

Today we started to paste the parts of the songs together. We  did a thing called copy cat. By Henry


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