Day Four of Our Taiko Drum Residency- Putting It All Together!

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The final session of practice before the performance was pretty intense. Michelle and Toru kept the students’ focus on the goal the whole time, showing more than once that respect, cooperation, and perseverance are key to a successful practice and therefore the performance. 
Above are pictures from other classes at the recital and a video of one of our performances of “HA!”

Today we are done with Taiko and we basically did a review and we practiced the song and I got to do a call out and it was “kamiati.” I thought it was the best call out but I guess everyone would vote for themselves. We did get to do a cool su form when we stop. It’s like a fighting stance. The best time I had in the entire class was when we played the actual song. By Sean A.

 Today the show is at 2:00. Taiko mens drum in Japanese. Toru is the leader. Michelle is the teacher. I like taiko. We had fun. I hope we can do more. Taiko has vocabulary. By Alex

Today was our last day of Taiko! We did our warm ups as usual and then went straight into practicing Ha! We changed the song a little bit. Instead at the last Su we made a really cool pose with our Bachi.
I am really excited for the real performance! I think we will do very well. I wonder what the grown ups will think. They’ll probably be impressed because we know so much Japanese. By Emmy

Today we learned what the program will be like at two o’clock. I can’t wait for two o’clock!!! I really like Toru and Michelle because they are very energetic. By Simon

Today was our last practice. Yep, that’s right. That means today is our performance. I’m so excited to play today at 2:00.  Brittany and Somaly and I got put in different groups. By Faith

Today was the last session of Taiko. We practiced Ha! again. Group one came up first. We didn’t do copy cat today, but the two leaders for the drumroll are Emmy and Tate. Emmy is the leader for group one and Tate is the leader for group two. I can’t wait until it’s the performance!!!!! I can’t wait to see the other song the other classes do.  Franny also got to lead the group and June got to lead the group, too, but they aren’t going to lead the group for the performance. By Brittany

Today is our last day of Portland Taiko. We practice our song HA! We learned some new things to make our song more longer. We didn’t do Copycat because we didn’t have enough time to it because we were too busy working on the performance that we are going to do at 2:00. I am really nervous. When I was drumming on the Taiko drum my hands started to sweat. By June

Wow, its come so fast and gone so fast. Barely any practice for performance. Ok,  maybe we did do a few but still. I can’t believe we didn’t do a day of practice and were already going to perform. Well, I did get pretty good. So today I got to do something I never did before I got to play on the lead drum. When you play that drum you get to shout out words in Japanese that makes them go into poses to get ready to play the drum. When I first went up my heart was racing. But after a while it wasn’t so scary. Then we went into playing our song some more. We got to choose two different poses for the ending. By Gabriel

Today is the concert! Speaking of the concert, it’s at 2:00 not 2:20. They did the same thing as yesterday except the people who did it today might be the leader later. I like the BANG! and BOOM!! By McKela

Its my last day at Taiko and I don’t want it to end. We did our last practice today. It went like this “ha su su su COPYCAT” and when we copied him and after he was done we did a drum roll. We also got to have someone come up and be the leader of us all and I wanted to do it the most. It was great. Unfortunately I am never going to be able to do it again. By David

This was our last day of Taiko. Today we practiced with a lot of energy because in a little is our Taiko performance. I am so scared and shy for my performance. Emmy is a leader on drum roll in the performance with group 1. Tate is leader for group 2. Today the teachers Michelle and Toru kept reminding us that it’s the last day and we had a performance and pay attention so we can make it good. By Sevyn

Today is the final day of Taiko drumming practice and performance. Group 1’s  leader is Emmy and group 2’s  leader is Tate. At 2:00 we will be performing,  but  I am very nervous. One of our words is kara. By Somaly

It was epic!!! I had memorized the song we are doing, which is called “Ha!” and we figured out a pose for the ha, su, su, su part. It’s bachi up, one down and one up, switch, one about 2 inches from your chest and the other out like an idiotic superhero’s (the superhero, not the pose) pose. I like Taiko quite a lot and I’m glad to say that I’ll miss it quite a lot. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do it again this year. Toru and Michelle were great teachers!!!! Thank you for doing it with us! By Kellen

Today we had our final day of Taiko!  I had an awesome time. We finally got to channel my excitement into loud noises! like BAM! and  POW! Well, we are about to go to our concert! By Kennedy

On Wednesday we did Taiko. We first did the drum roll. My heart was beating really fast. Then we did the song that we learned yesterday called “Ha!” This is how it goes. don don doko doko don don kara kara don don don don ha su su su and on the last su we do a pose that looks like a superman pose. The song “Ha!” is the song that we are going to do in the performance. And I cant wait! By Joe

Today we finished our song and we tried 2 choices for the end and choice 2 won. In choice 2 you raise your hands right left or left right 2 times, and then pose like a superhero. Toru and Michelle had lots of energy when they played. The drum at the back looked like a barrel and it had a slant. By Tanner

Today Is The DAY!
I will be playing today on stage in front my family etc.  I am doing Ha! And I can’t wait to perform!
Michelle mentioned We need leaders for the Taiko performance to play “Ha!” our song. We were triumphant for the song today. The audience surrounds us to watch us be awesome. By Sean S.

Today is the day we perform. I am really excited. Today we went into our warm ups with Toru and we warmed up our bodies, then it was time to warm up our drumming with a drumroll. Then it was time to play the song we have been practicing and after two times playing the song. It was team two’s turn to play on the Taiko drums. They did a good job. The next time team one went to the Taiko drums and I got to lead on the taiko drums. When I was leader we did a drumroll and it was awesome. I enjoyed it a lot. A lot of people got to be leader and they also did a great job. I had the best day with Taiko ever. By Lawson

 Today we’re going to perform! I will do a lead drum roll on the Shime Daiko! Now I will repeat the song “Ha!”: Don Don Doko Doko Don Don Kara Kara Don Don Don Don Ha! Su, Su, Su. By Tate

Today was our final session of Taiko. We have a performance coming up at two o’clock. Today I got to go up to the leader drum and lead the class! I lead the class through a drumroll, and then quietly went back to my drum to get my bachi, (the sticks that they use to play Taiko), and was lead through another series of parts of the song, and the song. The order of the things we did were: A drumroll, some parts of the song, the whole song. We also practiced what kind of su we were going to do for the performance. Su is a type of kia.
After a while, we decided on the second type of su that Toru demonstrated. That type of su that we were doing was the kind where you put one arm up, switch and put the other arm up, and finally do a thing where you point both arms in a side direction like a superhero. It was cool seeing everyone do it at the same time, and especially doing it yourself.
The people that got to come up to the leader drum and lead the class through a drumroll were: Emmy, Tate, and Me, (Franny). There was cool vibration going on throughout the room every time the drumroll happened or we played something else. It was so cool. I can’t wait to do the performance! By Franny


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