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The class headed down to the Oregon Historical Society in downtown Portland and here are their impressions.

Today I went to the Oregon Historical Society or OHS for short and what I saw there was amazing. I saw artifacts like coins, flint & steel, axe, clothes, pots and a lot more stuff that I don’t have time to type and they were amazing. They traveled without a wagon because when you sat on it it was all bumpy road  which is pretty dumb and I saw a collection and I also saw a really cool model of the ships that they used on their journey it had an extra boat on the side of the ship. I thought that the old guns were really cool because they were so old and they looked like they were used in World War I and I also liked the little ship models that they had for demonstration of their ships. By David

Today we went to the Oregon Historical Society. Our docent’s name was Jerry. First we looked at a pair of moccasins made of reeds. They were very old, and were once worn by Native Americans. Next we looked at a duck decoy. The Native Americans used it to trap ducks. Then we went into a different room with things that Native Americans would have traded for. Things like bells, and beads. There were also things that they would have had, like dice because they enjoyed playing games. After that we went into a room with a covered wagon. It had lots of things in it. By Emmy

When we first got there we were split into four groups. I was in the purple group.
My favorite part was when our docent showed us a wagon that was used on the Oregon Trail from the floor down. When he asked us questions and we said a good or the right answer he would give us a high five. I got three or four high fives. Once I got to stand up and give him a high five. The reason I got to stand up is because he was showing a map and ¾ of it was nothing but a river. They thought there was a river there but there was not a river there. So when he asked us what’s wrong I said mountains and he said that nobody else has ever said that. Then he went into detail about how Thomas Jefferson thought the mountains weren’t that steep and would be easy to cross over.
After that we went into my favorite exhibit with the wagon. He all gave us a tool used on the Oregon Trail but they were copies and let us try to figure out what it was. I got something used to pour wax into a candle maker. I didn’t know what it was until he asked us, but right before that Kennedy got a high five for guessing her item which was a hair curler. After that he asked somebody else who had a candle maker. Just after that he asked us who had the candle pourer. So I said “uhh” and he gave me a high five for that. Then Kennedy said “oh come on you already have gotten three.”
I also enjoyed seeing and feeling real obsidian. At that same time he showed us a 5,000 year old pair of sandals. When he showed us a pair of sandals that were made recently the 5,000 year old ones weren’t bad at all. The reason they found the sandals is because there were some Native Americans that couldn’t live there anymore and had to move out. When they moved out they left some stuff behind and those sandals were one of the things they left behind. He told us after that a few years later a volcano erupted in that cave. Then a few years ago from now somebody found those sandals and went to somebody that could find out what they were and how old they are. By Gabriel

We took a field trip to the Oregon Historical Society.  When we got there we got introduced to the person (Dick) who will show us around the museum. I saw a canoe, Native American plank house (which we went in), and then we saw some of the stuff Lewis and Clark collected, and some stuff about the Oregon Trail.
Then he showed us some of the things the people used in the Oregon Trail. I got see a wagon from the Oregon Trail and there was some stuff they would take. Then Dick showed us some of the things Native Americans used like tools, the wood they used,  and what clothes they wore, and how they made their woven baskets. We talked about what ships they used and where they traded furs, tools, etc. We talked about what shells and bones the Native Americans used for the necklaces and bracelets. The Native Americans are really good at making necklaces and the bracelets. By June

When we went into the Oregon Historical society I saw a coin it was a penny and it was old! We had chaperones and ours was named Dick he was really nice and my favorite stop was when we went to the Lewis and Clark expedition we knew everything! We went in a fake boat to get used to what they were on and when we answered what they thought was hard it was easy for us except the Oregon Trail. We got to see ships and Native American picture of their houses. Their houses were awesome and they had an entrance like a hole. It was cool. I saw some necklaces that were made of tule. When we went to the Lewis and Clark expedition when they met a Native American tribe they gave them medals and displayed their guns to them and they really liked it. They discovered an animal that was a prairie dog and they sent it back to Washington, D.C. By Lawson

Today my class went to the Oregon Historical Society. First we went to this little room with no door and looked at all the stuff in there. Then we went to a 9,000 year old pair of sandals and an old canoe. By Ruby

Today we had a field trip to Oregon Historical Society, also known as OHS. We went last year but we learned more so we answered more questions right. We learned about Lewis and Clark and Native Americans. The purple group’s (my team ) docent was Dick and the yellow group’s was Jerry. We got to see the real wagon from the Oregon Trail but they rebuilt the walls and the top but the floor and the wheels were real! We got to hold tools and skin and clothing that were around 9,000 years old but they weren’t the real things, but we got to walk into a model of a plank house and inside a ship that the native and Lewis and Clark used. We held so many objects and items. They were models of the actual items. We looked and talked about items that were traded and got to hold the peace coin and see the coin that was flipped. We saw many pictures of people and saw many of the models of tools and food and guns and clothing that they wore and used and ate. Dick was a good docent and describer. I got too hold the candle maker and it was the one we had in here in the classroom. I had fun but I’ve also been there before. By Sevyn

I think one of the coolest things there was a chainsaw, because it was really big and it doesn’t look the same as the small new chainsaws. My second favorite thing there was the pistol and the rifle, because they are guns. The people on the Oregon Trail used wagons for storage but the people had to walk. They couldn’t fit in the back because the back was filled with stuff.
There was a big penny that Pettygrove and Asa Lovejoy used for the name of Portland. Lovejoy wanted Portland to be named Portland and Pettygrove wanted it to be called Boston, they did a coin flip and Lovejoy won so Portland was named Portland. By Tanner

Today I went to OHS. It was not fun, but I learned a lot. The guide’s name was Jerry. They have guns, knives, and axes. I liked the lottery machine, I liked the small movies.
Some of the things I did not know. They had lots of different facts on different things like the Oregon Trail. I learned that the wagons had to be pulled by oxen. The people had to go by foot on the Oregon Trail. There was a whole floor for Lewis and Clark and a room for the Oregon Trail exhibit. They also had a room designed like a Max Train. OHS was kind of small on the outside but big on the inside. By Alex

Our field trip was awesome. We went to the Oregon Historical Society. When we got there the first thing we saw was the Native American place there were a pair of moccasins that were 9,000 years old! After that we went a station that had these models of ships that they would use you even can see cannons they are tiny, after that we went to the Lewis and Clark area where we saw things that they would have with them. Our guide had this map of their trail, below the picture of Lewis and Clark was a medal that they would give out to the Native American tribes. When the guide was showing us the map of the trail he also talked about the things we already know about like Sacagawea’s tribe chief is her brother and that she was pregnant. Then we went to the place that was like a log house. It had a wall of things that Lewis and Clark brought with them they brought blankets, beads, knives, axes, traps and other things in the log house there were bunk beds in the other side there was a hat, some otter pelts (fur) there were tons of of other cool things in the log house. At the last place we went to was downstairs we learned things like how the Chinook would catch salmon at the Celilo Falls, they would put this wooden boards type thing and then would have the gigantic nets out, some salmon would jump high until they were in the nets. We didn’t get to go to some places like where all the hats and where all the shoes were, we did a pioneer wagon on the Oregon Trail. They had a lot of things in there, there were two chairs, a fake chicken hanging from the top of the wagon, and some other things in there. Our docent Jerry had lots of information at each station.
I had a awesome time at the Oregon Historical Society!!! By Brittany

Wow that was cool! Today we went to the Oregon Historical Society, or OHS, to study more about Oregon. We studied a lot of things; from Native americans to the Missionaries to the Oregon Trail. Jerry was my group’s docent. He showed us one room full of stuff people in Oregon traded and got. We saw 9,000 year old moccasins, a conestoga wagon, and guns and other weapons the Europeans used. By Declan

Today we went on our field trip to OHS with Ms. Sarah’s  class. The docent who showed us around said we should at least stay at each exhibit for 20 minutes. Our docent Jerry  showed us the rifles and guns and the Oregon Trail wagon. He talked about Lewis and Clark and he let us watch half of the movie that was playing.We also got to see little model ships and an old letter. We also passed the case with old shoes and cloths they looked like they were. By Faith

Today, we went on a field trip. We rode a bus downtown to visit the Oregon Historical Society. There was a lot of old stuff from the 1800s, the time when Lewis and Clark made their way through Oregon. There were a lot of old guns, like a double-barreled shotgun. One of my favorite items was a pair of 9,000 year old moccasins. They were made of animal hide and were decorated with colorful beadwork. They were found in a cave that had collapsed. I think it is amazing that the moccasins survived so long. There was also a canoe that was as long as 4 students lying down head to toe. The natives hand carved it out of a cedar log, using chisels and fire. The chisels were made of stone. I think it is ingenious how the Indians used fire to cut and shape the logs. The small scale replica of the Indian log cabin was brilliant. We got to sit in it. The floor actually had dirt on it. I really loved this field trip and I would like to go again. By Henry

Today we went to the Oregon Historical Society. When we finally got there, it appeared as if it were 38 Fahrenheit outside. We got inside fast enough and started the tour. We started at the Native American section. It wasn’t very interesting because I had seen everything we toured. The only thing I didn’t learn was about was the missionaries, which I wasn’t that interested in because it was 11 o’clock on Monday morning, so really, nothing new that I learned about on what we toured. It wasn’t all that interesting, probably because I’m a 10-year old boy who’s more interested in 30 Rock than history lessons. By Kellen

Today was awesome! We went to go to the Historical Society. And it was really educational. It was a lot about Lewis and Clark, Native Americans, the wagon, Oregon Trail, and the fur traders. We got to hold the fur before anybody else got to and we got to see and hear about artifacts that were very old. We got to see these really old guns that were bigger than me!! By McKela

Today we went to the Oregon Historical Society. Its pretty fun and we saw the exhibit Oregon My Oregon.  I got to hold a flint and steel box and a buffalo hide. The wagon we saw was was pretty cool  and I had a really good time here and I recommend the trip because 1) it’s free if you live in the Multnomah  County, and 2) it’s awesome. By Sean A.

I loved the field trip to the Oregon Historical Society. My favorite part was the Portland penny. Another part I liked was the wagon. I really liked the part about Lewis and Clark. It was a really fun experience. I hope we can go there again. Dick was a really good tour guide. If we go there again I hope we get Dick again. I thought that that was the best exhibit I have ever been to at the Oregon Historical Society .  I learned a lot about our history and the Native American’s history. By Simon

Today was the trip to the OHS (Oregon Historical Society). First we saw The Portland Penny, the Penny decided the name of Portland, it was going to be either Boston, (chosen by Asa Lovejoy) or Portland (chosen by Francis Pettygrove). Pettygrove got 2, and Lovejoy got 1.

My favorite was the Life On a Boat section, they had flint and steel, tobacco pipes, tomahawks, jaw Harps, and bells. When we got to the Lewis and Clark exhibit, they asked “what was Sacagawea’s baby’s name?” I answered right away while everybody was still scratching their heads, I said “Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.” Everyone said, “How could you remember that?” I replied in “I honestly have no idea,” but actually, I’m just a history nerd! By Tate

Today we went to the Oregon Historical Society. It was super fun.
In the Native American section, the docent showed us some things that we studied about. For example: The duck decoy. The Native Americans would use the decoy to put on their heads, go under the water, and when the duck thought the decoy was one of them, the person would grab the duck by the legs and pull him underwater until he drowned. There were a lot of interesting things. We saw lots more cool things like models of boats that the Europeans used to travel to North America to trade with the Native Americans. We saw some things about Lewis and Clark too. We also saw some things about the Oregon Trail. We saw a covered wagon with lots of things that I bet people used to explore the west.
We also saw some trade goods that the Native Americans got from the Europeans. Some of the things were beads, axes, furs, traps, and blankets.
They showed us beds where the settlers slept, traps that they used, furs that they collected, and guns and rifles that the Europeans and Lewis and Clark used. There were shells, trade goods, and like I said, boat models. It was all really cool.
They also showed us some 9,000 year old moccasins. They were at the same place as the duck decoy.
They had small and big sacks around the covered wagon that said things like: Fruit, sugar, flour, beans, wheat, and things like that. Inside the covered wagon there were things like kettles, blankets, wood seats, food, trade goods, and a map I bet. I saw lots of things that other groups that studied about other Native American tribes. We saw canoes and trinkets and weapons and clothes that the Native Americans used.
The docents’ names were Jerry (for our group) and Dick.
We saw the weapons that the Europeans used and that they traded with the Native Americans, such as axes and guns (that they showed them). Also, we saw tools that the settlers used. By Franny

Today we went on a field trip to the historical society. When we got there we got introduced to our leader, Jerry. He was really nice and knew a lot of facts about the Lewis and Clark journey and a lot of more stuff. We went upstairs and there was a lot to look at. First, we went to a place where there were moccasins of the Native American tribes (Great Basin). They were more than a hundred years old. Wow!
Then we went to a place where there are was a big map of the journey of Lewis and Clark. The hardest part to go through was the Rocky Mountains because of the snow and hunger. After that we went to a place where there were traps that were used by traders. One of the traps was made of steel and when an animal steps in it closes on the leg and it can’t get out until the trapper can get it . Last we went to a place that had rifles, revolvers, and shotguns. There were so many of them and some of them were really big. Some were pretty small. Next we went for lunch, after lunch we went back to school. Here are some words that they talked about: Native Americans, Lewis and Clark journey, fur traders, missionaries, Oregon Trail, Europeans, docent, wagon, dentalia, rifles, revolvers, shotguns, disease, moccasins.
I also saw a huge canoe that was 50 feet long. It was used for Indians when they were hunting or going on long trips. The whole field trip was really cool. By Joe

We had a great time at the museum! Our tour guide Dick was very nice and he told us that most of the artifacts were authentic. We saw otter and beaver hides. The otter hide had a woolly feeling but I like the beaver more. It’s silkier.
Guess what we saw? Sandals that were over four thousand years old! I guess when they said cedar really holds up they mean it really holds up!
We talked about Lewis and Clark. We did awesome!
I hope you liked hearing about our amazing field trip as much as I liked experiencing it. By Kennedy

We went To The Oregon Historical Society! I saw the Oregon Trail exhibit! The docent told us about the white settlers and how they survived the territory of the Indians Such as Teton Sioux And The Lakota. I saw that the Teton Sioux wanted more gifts From Lewis and Clark. By Sean S.

The Oregon Historical Society was so fun, I saw so many amazing things like Terry Porter’s Blazer suit, a peace coin that Lewis and Clark would give to the Native American people, canoes, a pair of 9,000 year old moccasins (native shoe) that was found from a volcano, duck decoy (to attract ducks), and otter skin for blanket. Each group has a docent their names are Dick and Jerry, they are very nice. My favorite exhibit was the Lewis and Clark expedition because when I got to the Lewis and Clark exhibit I felt connected to it and since I knew a few facts about the expedition it was amazing how the exhibit had added more facts to my brain. By Somaly


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