Class Notes for March 31-April 4, 2014

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Welcome back! I hope everybody had a good week off, even if we did nearly break some rainfall records the last few days of the break.
We are in need of chaperones for two upcoming field trips. Next Thursday, April 10, we are taking a school bus to Fort Vancouver. We will be gone from 8:45-12:30. This is a fun field trip that zeros in on the time around 1830 in this area, when it was primarily a fur-trading outpost. There will be room for parents to ride on the bus, but you are welcome to drive over if you’d like.
Reed College’s Cooley Gallery is our destination on Monday, April 14. This will be a walking field trip to the Reed campus to see the current exhibit on Persian and Arabic calligraphy. We will leave at 9:00 and return by 11:00.
I have set up separate SignUp Genius pages for both trips at (Ft. Vancouver) and (Cooley Gallery). Thanks in advance if you’re able to come along.
We start our Oregon Trail simulation activity this week. The class will be divided into wagons that will be responsible for making decisions that will determine their fate along the way. Each wagon member will have a specific job that needs to be done well if the group is going to survive the trip from Independence to Oregon City in 1843. Cooperation among group members is essential for the group to do their best and get to Oregon City before the snows of winter set in.
Homework is the spelling packet and Front Row Math ( I sent an email to all parents over the break extolling the virtues of this website and I would like students to work on the NF (fractions) section this week for ten or fifteen minutes a night.

This week’s spelling words are variations on a theme. You can find the words on Spelling City at this link.

1. please
2. pleasant
3. breath –You take a breath.
4. breathe –You breathe air.
5. image
6. imagine
7. product
8. production
9. heal
10. health
11. triple
12. triplet
13. relate
14. relative
15. meter
16. metric
17. compose
18. composition
19. crumb
20. crumble
21. origin
22. original
23. academy
24. academic
25. inspire
26. inspiration


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