Camp Magruder Science Camp Information and Survey

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The fifth graders will be going to camp from May 11-13; we will be at camp for three days and two nights this year.  The camp fee for Camp Magruder will be $161 per student.  We are hoping that a lot of fundraising will help lower the overall camp fee.

Camp Magruder is organized by Northwest Outdoor Science School so the students will have a focus of science in an outdoor setting.  Camp Magruder is located near Rockaway Beach, on the Oregon coast.  The cabins have heat and electricity. We will provide you with a preliminary supply list at October conferences. The camp employs high school and college chaperones so we will not need parents to come to camp this year.

At this time we need to know if you are able to pay the full tuition.  Please fill out the survey form via this link by September 26th.  Thank you for all of your support and please remember that we will send home detailed information and registration packets after winter break.


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