Class Notes for November 24-28, 2014

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November has always been a chopped-up month for school, with or without conferences. Last week seemed like the first time we have had five days in a row in a long time. Teachers appreciate the continuity of having longer stretches of time so we can work on projects with the kids without interruptions. November has always made that a challenge.

The high point of last week had to be what we did last Friday afternoon during bike safety. The neighborhood ride to Woodstock Park via some of the muddy alleys between 46th and 40th Streets was either “awesome” or “epic,” depending on who you talked to. Another word that would describe the ride was “wet,” as in soaking wet. It poured down the whole way, but that didn’t stop very many kids from totally enjoying the ride. Smiles and laughter were the order of the day.

There was plenty of practice at four-way stops and uncontrolled intersections, where the kids worked on their principles of right-of-way. There were also mud puddles galore, which I avoided with my skinny-tire bike and many of the students plowed through. The saving grace, weather-wise, was the fact that the temperature soared into the mid-50s by the time we were into the ride. The kids came back to school wet, happy, and a little bit tired. Shoes and socks were off in a flash, coats were hung over chairs, helmets were put away, and goodbyes and thanks were said to Emily and Laurie, our bike safety instructors.

We are starting on our study of Native Americans of North America. There will be a home project coming home this week that involves making a model of a habitat for a specific Native American group. At school, students will be working on a research project about their group.

We have a walking field trip to Reed College next Friday, Dec. 5. We’ll leave Lewis at 9:00 and return by noon for lunch. Our destination is Cooley Gallery, where Education Outreach Coordinator Gregory MacNaughton will guide us through the new exhibit. Let me know if you are interested in walking down with us.

Homework is due Dec. 5. The spelling test will be the same day. We are getting close to the end of Unit Two in Math and will take the post assessment shortly after we return from Thanksgiving weekend.

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with family, friends, and gratitude, not to mention good food. I know that I am thankful to be working with each and every one of your children this year.


About Mr. Colvin

I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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