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First of all I want to thank our parent volunteers Sean, Amy, Ezra, and Tom who went along with us on what turned out to be a great field trip to OMSI. They did a great job keeping track of the class in a large open space.

We started out at the planetarium where the students got an amazing overview of the solar system and then we went to the animation station. After lunch, the class visited many different stations in the Turbine Hall that featured flight, air pressure, chemistry, light, sound, technology, electricity, water power, and skills of logic.

I am so proud of this group. Two incidents involving bus drivers help explain why I feel this way. One of the TriMet drivers told me as the class got off on the Hawthorne Bridge that they were the best class she’s had on a bus. Ever. Another bus driver felt comfortable enough with our class that he decided to tell a couple jokes over the speaker system.

Below are student comments on the trip.

OMSI was so fun. I loved it. My favorite part was Chemistry. We got to put a wire into a bunsen burner. On the wire there was some different types of chlorides. One of the types was sodium chloride. By Sebastian

My favorite part in OMSI was the Planetarium, because each movement was phenomenal and amazing. When it got fast it really hurt my eyes, that was one of the downers of it. The other was making sure my dad was awake during it and not falling asleep.

I also liked working on the Brain Teasers. I worked hard on the wooden blocks. What you had to do was make a cube with different shapes of blocks. I finally got it and I felt a surge of happiness, I was so frustrated with it and I finally got it.

The last thing I enjoyed was drawing, in the Animation Station there were drawing stations where you could copy art from books, which I have a talent for. I drew a girl that looked like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and an “attractive” looking lady in a swimsuit. I showed everyone the pictures and they all liked the Alice and had strange feelings for the swimsuit lady.

In all I really liked going to OMSI, it was a blast and I hope I can really learn how to draw like that. I would totally would tell kids to go there to learn about animation. I had tons of fun. By Melanie

My favorite part of OMSI was the Planetarium. It is my favorite because it always has been and I love the giant dome.

I felt really sick a little bit before we got to the first bus stop. So now I’m a “Sicky,’’ as my mom would say.

My least favorite part of the trip was getting sick. That is the only thing that I didn’t like about the amazingly wonderful field trip to OMSI! By Lilyana

My favorite part was was the ball place and the chemistry lab with the flubber. I liked the planetarium. When I got up to stretch the seat went back up and I hit the floor and sat for a second then I got back up on the seat. I forgot my book and my leftover lunch. I really liked the flubber; maybe I should make some. I liked watching those lamps with the weird bubbly stuff. By Elliott

Today my class and some of Mr. Post’s class went on a field trip to OMSI. We went on a Trimet bus to get there. When we got there it wasn’t that crowded and when I walked in I forgot how huge it really was. A man came up and asked us to put our lunches in a bin with our school name on it. Then after everybody put their lunch away, the man asked us to walk to the Planetarium and wait in line then he asked us to be quiet.

When I walked in it looked like we were in a ball because the ceiling was shaped like a ball. When we all got seated a lady holding a microphone told us to silent our phones if we had any and then she told us that the video was about the planets and that it was 45 minutes then she told us that the lights were going to turn off. When the lights turned off it was pitch black, then all of a sudden the ceiling started to glow and big planets appeared. When the ceiling stopped glowing the lights turned on it looked really weird outside because I was so used to the darkness, then we had to wait because some people had to go to the bathroom.

After we waited we went to the Animation Station. When the class walked in it looked like were in a arcade because there were tons of games! The first game I went to you had to make a pose and keep it for three seconds then when that photo was done you had to get into a different pose and keep doing that 14 times then at the end you can watch you do the poses all at the same time. The class stayed in the Animation Station room for about 35 minutes. When whole class got bored we left and had lunch. After lunch we got to go around one big room and do all the other activities. I enjoyed going into the Ball Room the most.

Out of the whole trip I enjoyed going to the Planetarium the most. By June

My favorite part of OMSI was the station where you got to sew things! I liked that part because of I love to do that kind of stuff, I do knitting, crocheting, and finger knitting. I made a pillow, but I didn’t have enough time to make it well.

I also liked the animation station, because of the 14 pictures that you could do to a movie about yourself and I liked the TV screen thing that you could do and you would take a green sheet and put it over you so you can be invisible, and I made it look like I was a floating head. I thought OMSI was great and I can’t wait to do it again! By McKela

I liked all the activities but my favorite one was the sewing, and the animation room. I loved sewing because it lets me sew all my stress up. I was about to sew something for Amiya but it was hard cutting the fabric with non fabric scissors  so I had to create a pillow. Well it took me half of my time to get the thread in the little so it took me a while. The rest of the half I was sewing very slowly. When it was time to go I was disappointed but I could work on the pillow at my house.

The animation room was like a dream come true. Marceline and I would love it. With all the old cartoons I got crazy. Sevyn and I went everywhere. When we got to the big television we saw Powerpuff Girls and got excited. We were there for about five minutes and got bored and went off.  By Sandra

My favorite part of OMSI was the Planetarium. The Planetarium was a big dome and on the top of the dome was a big screen and that is where they played the show. It was really cool. Next we went to the Animation Station. I the Animation station there was a big TV room of animated shows, and a green screen and so much more. Then it was lunch. After lunch we went to the Physics lab. In the Physics lab we did the Van de Graaf generator. That makes your hair stand up.

Another thing in the Physics lab was a thing where you touch two bars and someone spins the lever and it made electricity go trough your body and I also liked a thing where you put the palm of your hands in the water then rub the handles and it make the water heat and bubble. Next we did the Chemistry lab we put a wire is a flammable gas and put it in the fire and see what color it was, and we made flubber and we put baking soda in a toy submarine top and flip it up side down and it will float in the water. Next we went in to the tech room. In the tech foom I sewed but there were other things like dominos and more. Then we had to go back to school but we had a lot of fun! By Sevyn

Today my classmates and I went to OMSI. it was so much fun because we got to play with 3D pens and we got to play and make flubber. By Bridger

My favorite part of OMSI was making a stop-motion film. I made many with Liam, Claire and Miles. First we went to see a planetarium show that was about the sky and all of the planets. Then we went to have lunch. My pudding had spilled and pudding was over everything! I ate everything that was not mushy and washed off my water bottle. Then I went and played with Miles. We went upstairs a lot and we got stuck in the elevator. Then we drove back home. By Alexander

Today we went to OMSI. My dad came and we had a group. Our group had six people, me, Kennedy, Isaac, Fred, Lilyanna, and Elliot.

We went to three exhibits: the Planetarium, the Animation Station, and the “Big Fun Room.” My favorite was the Planetarium. It was really cool to see our solar system 2D that looked like it would fall on top of us.

We took four Trimet busses to get to and from OMSI. The bus was always cramped so some of us had to stand up. I don’t think the passengers liked it when 23 students climbed on a bus that only had 20-30 on it.

In the animation exhibit there were little games and things that animators used, such as a green screen, stop motion, sounds, and of course, drawing.

In the “Big Fun Room” (The room with a bunch of science related games like playing with air, building a bridge, making flubber, turning fire different color (like putting a penny into fire to make it green fire), and a bunch of other things.

I had a really fun time at OMSI and I wish we could go there every day. (Maybe not everyday because that might be boring after a while.) By Liam

Some of my favorite places at OMSI where the Planetarium. The seats where very comfy and were tilted upward so that you didn’t get a neck cramp. The ceiling was in a dome shape. Very architecturale. We “visited” each of the planets and the asteroid belt. We also visited the animation room. I checked out the sound chamber, and made a short animation. By Sage

Today we went to OMSI. it was so cool. We watched a planetarium show! But my favorite part was the planetarium show. It was cool in the dark. I had so much fun but I also enjoyed watching the 3D printer. It made so much cool stuff like phone cases, plastic bananus, pigs, bulls, names, a tree, kittens, submarines, and for heaven’s sake, there were little milk shakes!

I had the best field trip ever. By Kennedy

At OMSI I did a lot of things. Like go to the Chemistry Lab, Planetarium, play with Legos, and other fun stuff but lets get to the actual detail. While other people had fun the whole time. I didn’t have fun the whole time because we didn’t get to do the thing where you go into this room and put on a pair of 3D glasses and see lasers and have to dodge them that and we only spent five minutes in the Ballroom but I did get to play with Legos. By Isaac

My favorite part of the field trip to OMSI was the laser room. It was awesome because it had all kind of pictures and when you put on some glasses it showed a lot of them. One of them had a white color and when you put on glasses it turns to a lot of colors. That was my favorite part of OMSI. I also liked the ball room because it had these machines that shot balls out of them if you put some balls in them and turned on the fan, it had a lot of hoops to try to shoot them into, and it had a real submarine that you can take a tour in it.

I really liked the robot arm and the water bottle rocket because the robot arm that you can control and you can play connect four with it, I liked the water bottle rocket because you can fill it up with water with one button fill it up with air with another button and you can launch it and it will go really high straight up. You can also play this game where you have a bunch of wooden pieces that you had to make a cube. Another of the games was this ball thing where you had to roll some balls it was really fun. It was really fun and I really want to go to OMSI again. By Joe

I went to the Physics lab and I touched the Plasma Tube that was invented by Nikola Tesla and tested the Chinese dancing water bowl. It could literally dance by magic the I tried the Hypnotic Eye trick thing and everything was spinning when I looked at it for 20 seconds. When we went into the Chemistry lab I tested flubber and it looked like it was alive and forming on my hand. By Sean

My favorite part of OMSI was the planetarium because the giant dome was awesome. So I think that the planetarium was awesome because we got to see space and it felt like I could touch the planets. It was awesome! I also learned that from Pluto, the Sun just looks like a tiny dot in space.

I found out that you can become dizzy just by looking at a wheel. By Miles

Today went to OMSI. I had a lot of fun. I liked pretty much everything. I especially enjoyed these three four things: The Planetarium, The Animation station, The Wooden blocks game, and making a stop motion movie. I liked the Planetarium because I learned even more about the planets. I liked the Animation Station because there was a station where you could take  14 pictures and the computer would make it into an Animation. There was another one where you could watch cartoons of old shows.

I enjoyed the wooden block game. Me and Melanie were trying to figure it out. The thing was you had to make a 3×3 block with seven pieces. I left because I was done trying to figure it out. Melanie had her dad help her and eventually they solved it. Last I liked making stop motion movies with Melanie.

We did this weird one that started out with an ice cream cone, it ended up being a giant rainbow person with rainbows and text language like ttyl, lol, btw, ikr etc…. That was mine. Melanie made one of a girl and her scarf blowing in the wind.  By Claire

Today we went to OMSI. First we went on 3 buses. Once we were finally at OMSI we put our lunches in the tub put our coats on a seat and went to see the planetarium. In the planetarium I almost threw up three times. After the planetarium we went to the animation exhibit. I didn’t like the exhibit too much. Finally we had lunch by that time I was so hungry! By Henry

I enjoyed watching classic TV with Joseph at the animation station and lunch. We watched Flintstones, Jetsons, Top Cat, Avengers, Scooby Doo,  Yogi Bear and more stuff.

I also liked the planetarium. It was basically like a large Imax theater. We watched stuff about the universe.

I also built legos in the technology room and I built legos. By Declan











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