Supports/Surfaces Exhibit at Reed College’s Cooley Gallery!

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 The class walked down to Reed College’s Cooley Gallery on Friday to view the newest exhibit called Supports/Surfaces. The following are student thoughts written right after we got back from the trip. Read on:

At Reed College we took in many sights. We sat and said our thoughts with Gregory saying, “What are you thinking?” While we were in a big group, we all thought of the art starting with, “What is that?” We thought of the colors, the shape, the wrinkles in it. All of it.

Once we were free to roam around, the first thing that you caught your eye is a rope. It has many knots and each knot is sprayed deep blue. Then you would see what looked like sacks on the floor. They each had a strange design to them. One quote was that it looked like lips. Each a different color. There were many others to talk about but last I’ll talk about a ladder.

The ladder was thin wood that was very bendable. The shape was like a toboggan and was so light and fragile that it swayed with the light breeze floating in. The ‘ladder’ had many squares fit in them.

We then grouped together and worked on our own piece. By Melanie


Today we went to the amazing Cooley Gallery at Reed College and explored and saw a lot of amazing paintings that didn’t even look like paintings, like this one that looked like a toboggan with square-shaped holes all over it. And another one that was orange on the outside and blue in the middle, looked like two Spongebob Squarepants on the outside of the painting, and his best friend Patrick Star in the middle (By the way, that was made out of a bedsheet).

I also saw saw an amazing, and a little scary as well, but bottom line, it was amazing, sheet of what looked like blood-stained bedsheet, and it had really cool  designs on it. McKela and I came across that painting twice and I freaked out the first time and said, “Cool painting, but I’m outta here!”  I really liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like blood or its color. I also saw an amazing rope tied in knots (every what? 1 foot?) and the knots were colored blue.

The artwork I saw was so beautiful. I really loved all of the amazing artwork that I saw and marveled at each one of them (even the creepy bloodstained one). By Lilyana

Today we went to Cooley Gallery at Reed College. The  guy who was talking to us was Gregory MacNaughton. I probably have written about him every time I write about visits to Reed College. Anyways, we walked from school to Reed College. By Fred


We went to the Cooley! Yay!

It wasn’t like the last time, last time it was literature… This time it was art, yes art. Pretty cooley.  Heh heh. Get it? Cooley because it’s a Cooley Gallery.

I thought the bed sheet with splat things looked like a paper airplane if you cut of the thingies on the side. The blobs look like little mole dudes marching, then turning blue, then orange again. By Elliott


Today I went to the Cooley Gallery and we got to see Gregory MacNaughton. On every painting Gregory would ask, “What are you thinking?”

There was a painting that looked like a toboggan! And another painting had what it looked like two pillows and Patrick Star in the middle. When we were able to roam free the first thing that you saw was a rope! We got to make our own art with a paper and duct tape. We spent an hour talking about art and the bedsheet with all the blobs that look like orange and blue ducks.

Lilyana and I were looking at one of the paintings and Lilyana got scared of one of the paintings because on one of them it looked like there was blood on it! She is no longer scared of it anymore (I don’t think). I saw some of the Reed College students there and all of them look very busy and smart. When we made our own art out of tape and paper, I made a car (out of one piece of paper). This was a really fun experience for me and I hope to do it again! By McKela


The Reed College walk was amazing! We got to check out the Cooley Gallery with Gregory MacNaughton. Everything was wonderful. The art and the rope which is still art. We got to make some too. Mine was a folded piece of paper and lots of tape, especially blue. My favorite art was the rope because it had dark blue or something on every knot. There was one that was a sideways 9 it had some red and the canvas was in the little tiny spaces and another one that looked like candy but it was just shirts with two rubber bands and some paint that looked like lips. My second favorite one was the fabric. By Sandra


Today we went to Reed College. With our instructor Gregory MacNaughton we went to the Cooley Gallery art room. We were learning about Support/Surfaces. We saw abstract art work with many different shapes and colors and material (with every art piece he would ask us “What are you thinking?”).

My favorite was the wooden abstract piece and that was made of a flimsy wood. After a couple minutes of looking around we got back into the circle and we made an abstract piece of our own only using paper and colored tape. The colors we chose from where orange, blue, beige and green. My favorite color of the colors was the pretty green. After we were done we went back to school. This field trip was really fun. By Sevyn


Today we walked to Reed College. We went to the Cooley Gallery. I’ve been there before in 3rd and 4th grade, and it’s always the same person there: Gregory MacNaughton.

We were talking about supports and surfaces. We also made our own work of art. We made a creation out of colored tape and used “the items at hand instead of going out somewhere to buy fancy things.” I made a mask. We also walked around the exhibit to look at the other art. By Liam


We walked to Reed College today. When we got there, we were greeted by Gregory Macnaughton. We were invited into the art room. We spent about an hour talking about the art. Later we got explore the one, small, room. We got to make an art piece with tape and paper. Now that was fun! He asked us a lot of questions. The main one was “What are you thinking?” By Sage


My trip to Reed College was fun. We did stuff like go to the Cooley Gallery. We were led by Gregory MacNaughton. It was really cool. We got to make abstract art from paper and colored tape. I made mine with two I’s. It was really cool. By Isaac


Today we went to Reed College. We had a lot of fun. We looked at pictures and Gregory MacNaughton showed us a lot of pictures. We got to look around the room of pictures. I named it the picture room. We also got to make our own pictures with paper and tape.

My favorite picture was the big blanket that they used to make beds with.They made little ducks on it with some kind of stamps. There was one that looked like a folding ruler or a fruit rollup. One also looked like a puzzle.

Gregory MacNaughton was really nice and he taught us a lot about most of the pictures. One looked like a sled that curled up at the end but it was called a “ladder with flexible wood.” Another one was a fish net and a it made out of newspaper. It was really cool.

I asked a couple of questions about some of the pictures, one of them was about the big blanket that looked like it was a bridge and the triangle in the middle was going  straight, so it looked like a road.

I really like Reed College and I want to go there.

P.S I like drawing or painting and the room was actually called the Cooley Gallery. There was a rope hanging from the ceiling. It was a rope that was probably spray painted different colors. There was a big piece of stuff that looked like a giant put a bunch of lipstick on it, they looked like big sleeping bags. Another one was a medium piece of paper with an outline of a different colored paper. It was the funnest place I’ve ever been to, and I hope to go there again. By Joe


I went to the Cooley Gallery to look at the Supports/Surfaces exhibit. I saw a sled-like thing that looked a chocolate roll-up bar. We made our own art with colored tape. I saw a giant rope going up and down. By Sean


Reed College was fun because we went to Cooley Gallery. Gregory MacNaughton was our host. He showed us around the gallery. There wasn’t the video room like always.

Instead there were two big rooms and the rooms were full of paintings! The paintings were usually big or small. By Miles


Today we went to Reed College. Gregory MacNaughton showed us around the Cooley Art Gallery. There were a lot of different types of art there. There was one piece that a bed sheet that was used as a canvas. Which pretty much proves that anything can be a canvas. The art gallery was really fun just to look at the art and talk about it a little bit.

After we looked at the art we made some. We each got to make a piece of art with tape and a blank piece of paper. Mine wasn’t supposed to be anything, but it looked pretty cool. There were different shapes, colors and sizes of art. It was really fun.

One of the two of my favorite pieces of art was what looked liked a toboggan upside down. The wood was woven in and out with very thin pieces. Second was what looked liked a big robot that was very colorful. I didn’t even reach the top of the leg. By Claire


Today we went to Reed College for a field trip. We walked there on foot. When we were there, Gregory taught us about the art exhibit called Supports/Surfaces. Then we got to look at all of the art. My favorite piece of art was a sled-like thing. After that we made art using tape I made a paper airplane. I really liked that field trip. By Henry

Supports and Surfaces was the name of the show. It was super cool because it was interactive or modern and it had tons of awesome stuff. My favorite piece of art was a rope hanging from the ceiling and it was painted blue so it was technically a painting.

Another part was this flexible wood that was hanging from the wall and it looked like a ladder but it was technically a painting because it was painted and like just a different canvas. Then another one was like this bedsheet and it had a bunch of blobs and so it was like fab.

Another cool part was we got to make our own art out of tape, not duct tape. By Declan




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