Class Notes for January 26-29, 2015

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Another short week coming up. Friday is a teacher planning day so teachers can work on report cards, which come out near the end of the following week. When Thursday arrives, we are at the official halfway point of the school year. I find that hard to believe, but the calendar doesn’t lie.

Thanks to the volunteers who donated their time for the Pasta Feast fundraiser on Friday. The food was great and I enjoyed visiting with parents and kids.

We are traveling over the Atlantic Ocean towards North America now. Similar to last year’s Oregon Trail simulation (and Monopoly), there are fate cards that determine how far each ship sails per round. After a ship lands, the group gets to decide where they want to settle, which requires thinking about the lay of the land. There are going to obstacles in their paths on the way to establishing a functioning colony and by the time the unit is over, students should have a good feel for the hardships experienced by the early immigrants of America.

The Princess Bride is turning out to be one of the best read aloud books I have ever done with a class. The kids are loving it and it’s a lot of fun for me to read. We are nearing the end and should finish it this week.

With report cards coming out next week I wanted to call your attention to the bottom portion of the card called “Characteristics of a Successful Learner.” Please take a look through the items below and have a discussion with your child about where they think they stand in these areas. All of these characteristics are life-long skills that stand the test of time.

WORK HABITS: is organized; manages time and materials; stays with task; completes school work;
HOMEWORK: completes and returns homework on time;
ATTENTIVE: listens well and follows directions;
RESOURCEFUL: solves problems; seeks help appropriately; finds ways to support own learning; seeks new opportunities;
REFLECTIVE: thinks and asks questions; provides reasons for opinions; evaluates own progress;
COOPERATIVE: works and interacts well with others; gets along with and supports other children; contributes to group efforts and class discussions; and
RESPONSIBLE: respects others, rules, authority and property; accepts responsibility for own behavior.

We  have a couple more weeks of geometry left in math. Keep working on identifying different types of triangles and quadrilaterals, and calculating their areas. Spelling and math homework are due on Thursday this week.



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