Class Notes for February 17-20, 2015

It’s starting to feel a lot like spring out there, but the calendar says that’s not officially happening until March 20. Guess we’ll have to put away the sunscreen for a few more weeks.

Thanks to parents who contributed goodies for our Valentine’s Day celebration. A good time was had by all. Hopefully there were no stomachaches afterwards.

In math, geometry is behind us for a while (the scored Unit 3 test went home with students last week) and the class is heading into a review and expansion of multiplication and division concepts, as well as a little fractions work later in the unit. As usual, keeping up with homework and working hard in class will pay off.

Our colonial simulation is moving along nicely. Colonies are preparing to expand and to start trading with the Native Americans and other colonies. They are learning that Fate is not always kind, as when inclement weather cuts down on the amount of food available.

Our class is on safety patrol this week. Please check the schedule to see when your child has duty. For the safety of younger kids coming to school, it’s very important that the morning people are in place and on time. Thanks!

Be sure to make time for the Lewis Family Dance on Friday. The action starts at 6:30 with the Lonesome Teacher Trio and Friends providing the music. Mr. Jamesbarry has been busy teaching the dance moves to the kids the past month or so and he will show everybody how to do the necessary steps before each tune on Friday. You can have two left feet (like me!) and still be able to do these square, circle, and line dances. It’s all for a good cause, too: proceeds help the 5th grade Science Camp scholarship fund.

Other upcoming events include a trip to downtown Portland on Wednesday, March 11 to attend a concert by the Portland Youth Philharmonic. I’ll send out more info as we get closer, but I know that we will need at least two chaperones to help out.



About Mr. Colvin

I'm a retired elementary teacher (classroom and music) who taught at Lewis and Woodmere elementary schools in SE Portland. I like to teach, play guitar, take photos, and ride my bike.
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