Class Notes for April 27-May 1, 2015

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Science Camp is behind us now. The time went so quickly while we were up at Camp Namanu. OMSI made sure that the curriculum was engaging and educational. Although the social part of camp is important, and is a learning experience in its own right, the science component was very well run. To see lots of photos of camp, go to These photos are best viewed in the presence of someone who has been there, so they can narrate what’s going on in each picture.

Our tour of Reed College on Monday was a lot of fun. We got to see the fish room, the frog room, a chemistry lab where the kids did a couple of experiments and got to see some amazing things, including one called elephant toothpaste. Then we headed out towards the Reed nuclear reactor. I’m hoping to get some student-written reports on the field trip onto the blog pretty soon.

Speaking of Reed College, we have another trip planned, and this one will take us to Cooley Gallery to see the newest exhibit on the afternoon of Friday, May 8. We will leave about noon (after an early lunch) and return about 2:30. We will need parent chaperones for this trip as well. You can sign up at  at This is a great way to spend the afternoon with your child.

You should have received an email recently from Front Row Math with your child’s current report card. I want to emphasize that the grade level mentioned on that report is more an indication of the amount of effort your child has put into the program. Those who spend more time on it at home will tend to have higher scores than those who only work on it at school. Front Row is a solid learning platform, especially with an adult nearby who can answer occasional questions.


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