Classroom Procedures

Morning Procedures

  1. Hang up your coat and backpack.
  2. Turn in homework if necessary.
  3. Take out all needed materials.
  4. Sharpen your pencils.
  5. Begin working on Morning Work.
  6. Listen to announcements.

Partner Work Procedures

  1. Be sure to take all books and supplies with you to be ready to work.
  2. Push your chair in before you leave.
  3. Use a six inch quiet voice that only your partner can hear.
  4. Stay focused on your task.
  5. Sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee.
  6. Help your partner read.
  7. Don’t work ahead. Stay with your partner.
  8. Don’t write on your partner’s work.

Desk Organization

Left side of desk
All textbooks
4th Grade binder
Right Side of Desk
All workbooks
Math Journal

Recess Procedures

  1. Wait in line until Mr. Colvin releases you.
  2. Do not run until you get around the corner past the bike racks.
  3. No tag games.
  4. Games are open to everybody. No exceptions.
  5. When the whistle blows, get in line.
  6. Share equipment.
  7. No pulling, pushing, or grabbing each other.
  8. No putdowns or inappropriate language.
  9. No climbing up the slides.

Restroom Procedures

  1. Only two students at a time.
  2. No playing around in the restroom.
  3. You must wash and dry your hands before leaving restroom.
  4. Any destructive behavior to our restrooms is an automatic visit to the principal. 

Hall Procedures

Hands to the side

All eyes forward

Lips closed

Low speed


  1. Students are expected to transition to the next activity quickly and quietly.
  2. Listen to the teacher’s direction.
  3. No talking during this time.
  4. Put away all materials in their proper place.
  5. Music may be played while students prepare their materials.
  6. Students should have their desk ready by the time the music ends.


  1. Eyes on the speaker.
  2. Turn your body toward the speaker if your desk is facing away.
  3. Listen with your mind and your heart.
  4. Do not talk while the teacher is talking or your classmates.
  5. Do not play around while you should be listening.
  6. Participate in the discussion by raising your hand before you ask a question or make a comment.
  7. Eyes are watching, ears are listening, lips are closed, hands are still, feet are very quiet, you should really try it. Listening well, Listening well. (to the tune of “Are you Sleeping?)

End of Day Procedures

  1. Follow teacher directions before packing up.
  2. Put all materials away from your desktop neatly in your desk.
  3. Inside and top of desk is clean and cleared off.
  4. Put your chair on top of your desk.
  5. Be sure your cubby is completely empty.
  6. Make sure your classroom job has been completed. Check floor for scraps and pencils. Let’s try to make Resema’s job a little easier.
  7. Put all papers in your take-home folder and then into your backpack.
  8. Put your backpack on your desk and come to the rug and wait quietly.

If we have time we will sing a song or two.

Here is a list of jobs that are available for students in Room 24.

  • Pencil Sharpener (2) – makes sure the class always has a supply of sharpened pencils
  • Paper Monitor (2) – passes papers back to students and puts papers in cubbies
  • Pledge Leader – leads class in Pledge of Allegiance
  • Supply Passers (2)- passes out supplies to class
  • Door Monitor – opens and closes the door as class comes and goes. Makes sure back door is shut tight before we leave room.
  • Schedule Monitor – writes down next day’s schedule.
  • Librarian (2) -in charge of the class library and getting Library box to Ms. Tori on Thursday morning
  • Floor Monitor (2)- checks floor for pencils, scraps of paper, etc. at end of day
  • Line Leader – leads the line and keeps it quiet in the halls
  • Line Caboose – at the back of the line.
  • Teacher Assistant – helps the teacher at any time
  • Homework Monitor – tells students who were absent what homework they missed
  • Recess Helper – takes and brings back equipment to recesses
  • Lunch Boxers (2) – Takes lunch box to and from cafeteria
  • Technology (1 or 2)- collects and counts laptops and iPads, plugs into chargers

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