Student Resources



kelsos choices

Kelso’s Choices

Note: Several of these sites require usernames and passwords.


Lewis Elementary Student Page

Lewis Elementary Home Page


Lewis GoogleDocs

Khan Academy




Oregon Blue Book for Kids 


Oregon Facts 

Oregon Student Atlas Table of Contents (tons of great PDF maps of Oregon)

Word of the Day 


Online Math OAKS practice (you’ll need to use Firefox with this website. It doesn’t play nice with Safari or Internet Explorer.)

Fractions – Parts of a Whole
Naming Fractions
Decimal Activities
Mrs. Hammersley’s 4th Grade Math Activities Links
Age Calculator at Math Cats
Do you know exactly how old you are? Find out here!
Moon Multiplication
A fun way to practice your multiplication facts.
The Math Place
This website is maintained by Barbara Kane, a Title 1 Math teacher from the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.
Megapenny Project
Have you ever wondered what a million pennies looks like? Go here to find out!
Guess My Button
Can you determine the secret button?
Stop That Creature!
Figure out the rule of a function machine to stop the clones!
Hidden Picture Geometry Terms
Uncover the hidden picture as you review geometry terms. Use your math book glossary or index to look up terms you are unfamiliar with.
Games and Activities
Here’s a page of games and activities from Oakhaven Elementary School. Scroll down for 5th grade content; scroll up for K-3.
Baseball Math for One
Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Math Baseball How to Play: FUNBRAIN will give you a math problem. Enter the answer to the problem and hit the “Swing” button. If your answer is correct, you will get a hit. FUNBRAIN will decide if the hit is a single, double, triple, or home run based on the difficulty of the problem. If your answer is wrong, you will get an out. The game is over after three outs.
Ambleside Primary Numeracy
Investigate this site to find lots of interactive activities for all areas of math–many of them developed by students in Year Four!
Visual Fractions
Have some fun learning about fractions at this neat website. Do the activities, then play the games.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
El Cerrito Wire
This site has a nice collection of weblinks tied to California standards. Still helpful if you’re not in California! 🙂

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